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Stupid question..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Whats it doing, May 15, 2011.

  1. What do I do with the crystals in the end of my grinder after I grind up a few buds?
    I tried doing a joint with it it was alright, but what else can I do with it?
  2. sprinkle it on top of a bowl or save up a bunch and smoke a full bowl of it
  3. Bunch of shit. Top bowls with kief. Make hash.
  4. same thing alex said!!! dat shit'll get you super stoned
  5. Bud I dont really do bowls
  6. lol I meant but
  7. Make some hash like i do. Theres a bunch of tutorials, i used the ironing method. Works awwwesoooome :smoke:
  8. kief in papers is a huge waste. just make a homemade pipe/bong and smoke it if you must
  9. I have a ROOR, I paid 400$ for it, I just dont bother dusting her off until my Bday.
    I was thinking off making a big blunt with the rest of the weed I have left and sprinkle that on top:D?
    I thought that was brown

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