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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by killer12, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. hey all, just wondering how much bud someone could get off of about 20 outdoor plants it properly grown..? thanks.
  2. between 1 gram and 30 lbs :)
  3. ok let me rephrase this lol....what can someone normally get off of a plant...on pounds would be nice :D
  4. that depends on 4 million different variables . . .

    whered u get your seeds, how good do u plan on taking care of them, r u planning on fencing them in, r u going to train them, how far apart are they going to be, whuts the lighting like, whuts the soil like, whut is your growing expirience if any, how big are you going to let them get . . .

    but id say if your inexpierienced and bad luck/low estimate thats like 12 females at minimum then u grow them 4-5 feet tall with a good strain u should get 10-20 ounces a plant and by my shoddy 12x13/16 math id say a minimum of 10 pounds without any major problems

    thats my guestimate but hey its up to u to make it whut it is
  5. i had 20 plants to begin im left with only one nice female the others died or turned bob seid do alot of researvch and you should have better results(I had a real bad year).Good luck laters jay.
    oops bob didnt say anything that was a differnt thread.but any way do lots of research it will help you get more than 1 plant.LATERS.jay.
  6. just a note regarding strain...
    i usualy get about 50/50 or better fem to male ratio.
    but with earley bud strain from buyduch i got one ov 15.
    its no there seeds... oters strain i got did well...

    prolly just didnt like my wardrobe microclimate.

  7. bob are seeds ilegal wher you be.jay.

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