stupid question?

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  1. wuddup smokas

    okay this is probably going to sound really stupid... sorry

    im getting ready for my first grow and im wondering about what size pot i should keep my plants in.

    I know at first i should just use little cups for the small sprouts but after seeing how huge the roots get in "Mr Greens I Grow Chronic" I'm worried that if I transplant to pots (containers, whatever) that are too small it could limit the growth of my plants.

    thanks for helping a dumbass
  2. No stupid questions man, only stupid people who don't use things like grasscity to help them get going. Sounds like you want to use soil, so the best thing to start them with would prob be a big Dixie plastic cup(s) with a drain hole cut in the bottom. Isn't much to transplanting. fill your new pot up about half with soil, take plant and soil out of cup, Plants should have formed decent root sytem by now and should take most of the dirt with it when it leaves the cup. put Plant into new pot and carefully fill the soil in around it. then water it pretty good, but do not saturate.
  3. Here's my 2 cents:

    Expect to need a gallon of pot space for each foot of plant height. If you flower early and only expect 2 foot plants, a 2 gallon pot will do in the end. If you're growing a 5 foot tall tree, then get a 5 gallon bucket. Hope this helps.
  4. If you transfer to pots that are too small just transplant again...
  5. doesnt that put them into shock and actually halt the growth for a few days?

    thanks, everyone! a forum like this is just another of few gems to make the world a better place to survive in! :hello:
  6. If done right transplanting causes little stress, and the plant will more than compensate for any small setback once those roots find more space.
  7. Just surround your existing root ball with fresh compost - as the roots grow into the fresh compost you will get a growth spurt.

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