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stupid question

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Freak, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. What is cloning ... and how do you do it?

    I know this is dumb but i wanna start learning srry
  2. Yo! grobros! {8^D
    Asking a 'stupid' question can be avoided. A sincere desire to learn would naturally lead one to the sources of tried and true info. With a sincere desire to know how a plant functions, and how to create the best environment, IOW to learn how to be mothernature, you must first get into some studying about basic gardening, and very basic botany, a brush with chemistry and the pH factor, a glimmer of the light spectrum and lighting, and a peek into the amazing process of photosynthesis.
    Cloning is what we concider an advanced technique, because you have to understand why you are proceeding a certain way. This comes from a lot of experience, or a good deal of study and a bit of experimentation.
    The earth girl is always reminding nu-bs: The more you know, the better your plants will like it.
    If you think it is stupid to ask, go see if the stickies can help.
    Good luck! eg (^8}

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