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  1. Hey guys hope your having a decent weekend. I have a bit of a stupid question but I have just started setting my tent up again. I brought ablack orchid 4" inline carbon filter fan and wanting to connect it to my carbon filter should it be sucking in from the carbon filter then blowing it out the tent. Sorry daft question I'm sure
  2. I have mine in my tent. The set up is Filter, fan, light.. I then vent it out doors.[​IMG]

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  4. In that case I would mount filter and fan external to tent with hose inserted in lower vent for fresh intake...I would then be exhausting out the top of your set up.. Then routed to wherever your dumping your hot air.

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  5. Ok mate thankyou for that I shall do it that way
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  6. Best if you place the carbon filter inside the tent above your plants, connect your fan, then your ducting to the fan leading out of the tent so that it is use for extracting air out of your grow space. Negative pressure should then allow for fresh air to draw in through gaps or cracks into your grow space.

    You use the carbon filter to cover the smell of the plants and if it's outside your tent then it's not going to be of any help, in fact why bother using a carbon filter if you're going to use the fan for intake. It will just be causing the fan to work harder.
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    If he isn't dumping out doors and the room that the tent is in is climate controlled, my method should scrub the cooled air in the room prior to entering the tent and expelling the warm air which his lights created. The warm air will get cooled and filtered as it re enters the tent leaving minimal odor.. Either way could probably are more correct on the filter placement though..then a screen on the fan to prevent contamination would help. I experiment and find what works best for me.. The reason my tent is set up the way it is now is due to my light and it works best for my requirements.

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