Stupid question: one fan two outlets..?

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  1. So, this may be a long shot, and it may be a bit technical too but, I have a 6" hyper fan I was hoping to hook up for use in controller temp and humidity. I bought an Inkbird controller that does both but one of the outlets is for cooling and the other is for humidity. Is there any safe, and relatively easy way to hook the fan up to both of the outlets or am I just going to have to suck it up and either get a dehumidifier or another fan?

    Like I said this may be a stupid way to go. I'm just curious.

  2. I run two inkbirds so I am familiar with the programming and usage . You cannot change the work1 work 2 outlet programming their tied to two separate functions temp control to work 1 humidity control to work 2 . Also im thinking if you use a fan on both outlets it is basically going to be fighting itself and switching the two outlets back and forth. If your main goal is to keep humidity down then run a dehumidifier on work 2 and then the fan for keeping temps stable on work 1 . during the winter if im trying to keep humidity up I just run a cheap humidifier that uses hot mist so the humidity is up and also warming the tent , and a fan to cool it down if it exceeds the high temp I want to cut off .
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  3. Thanks. Yeah I was thinking after I posted that if I somehow connected one fan to both outlets: what would happen if both outlets kicked on at the same time? Anyways yeah dehumidifier is what I'll do.

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