stupid question i know.....but a question nontheless

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by gloryfades420, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. can someone explain to me the basic philosophy behind hydroponic growing, im not real sure i understand all. the grow guides i read seemed to just assume i knew everything from the start and go into different techniques if someone could take the time to explain i'de be mighty grateful (by explain i mean what stuff would i need and steps do i need to take in order to start my hydroponics growing setup) i already have a few indoor plants and when ther are a bit more mature and the weather catches up a bit im gunna throw them outdoor. im just curiouse about the world of hydro if a pro could help me out ide be grateful
  2. to explain everything would take awhile. the basics behind it is the root sytem is grown in water. the water is circulated through any number of methods ( run a search on the types listed below ) placing oxygen in the water. the roots love this and grow out of control. since the plant does not have to spend its energy looking for water it will use that energy to grow you big beutiful buds. a cheap preffered method is deep water culture or bubble buckets/tubs. some other types are ebb and flow, drip, aeroponics, NFT,ect. run a search and read some threads to find out which one suits you best

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