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stupid question but whatever....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tetoleetd, May 10, 2011.

  1. i only have 1 bowl pack left. my original plan was to save that bowl pack for the weekend but i mean really....its only one bowl so is it even worth saving it? i get a pretty good buzz off one bowl so no doubt ill be feeling it if i smoke now or later.

    i guess my question is, should i toke up this bowl right now and just scrape and smoke a resin bowl this weekend? or should i save my bowl pack for the weekend?
  2. It's only Tuesday, dude, you can't get more by the weekend?
  3. Save it for the weekend! Nothing like a fresh bowl when there is not shit to be done.
  4. only have one connect around here and i texted him earlier about aquiring some answer. so idk...thats pretty much the basis of my dilema lol

  5. Get on his case then mate

    Your trying to give him money, he calls himself a dealer? who the fuck does he think he is?
  6. no he is an old friend i recently came back into contact with. he knows people, he is not a dealer.

    but just last week he hooked me up and delivered bud right to my house. i smoked a few bowls with him. im tryin to work out the same deal but like i said he didnt asnwer me.
  7. Just smoke it will find more sooner or later, there is no use just sitting on a bowl and not smoking it.
  8. lol i just smoked it dude. got a good buzz like i said. :smoke:
  9. firecracker!!!

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