Stupid question but I need an answer.

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  1. So I just looked on the back of this autoflower pack and it says 55-65 day “Flowering time” now is that saying just saying once it’s starts flowering or seed to harvest?
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  2. Start counting when Pistils appear.
  3. I though autos start from when they pop. @ClydeWalters you know auto. Which is it. Pretty sure the time lapse for my Auto Colorado Cookies ran the 75 days it says.

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  4. If it said seed to hsrvest thsts total time so 55-65 day flower is from when it shoots the first pistel. So 70-80 days total ish all my autos have pre flowered day 14-18
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  5. No breeder can put exact days as every enviroment is different and genrally plants can run longer or shorter than stated the time line is only a guide . Ive had the same strain same enviroment but one finished say 56 the other day 85
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  6. the big thing everyone misses with this question is... if its a seed plant its going to be different and theres no way in telling. it has different humans they are all different some live longer some dont. but on the other hand if its a clone! it will be exactly the same time as the rest ask who ever you get it off what the week is and if its longer than that.. you did somthing that put it behind...if its shorter you either have a smaller plant orr you just grew it better than that guy you asked

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  7. wps its a seed ah well might help someone

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  8. Also an auto which cannot be cloned
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  9. Breeders who give "flowering time" for autos don't count the 3-7 weeks that might be needed to start flowering.
    Some breeders specifically say "seed to harvest," and they usually "underestimate" by a week or two to increase sales.
    In other words, If the breeder doesn't say (or show with icons like DP) exactly "seed to harvest" then add about 5 weeks to their times.
    If they do say "seed to harvest," then add 1-2 weeks.
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    I find DP to use growers info to do there times and there times are pretty close but my plants normally preflower day 14-18 every time

    But others will grow out say 100 plus autos and take the quickest time as there time. Ive had think different seed to harvest 56days and thats not normal for that strain 75-85days is normal.
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  11. I’m actually gonna clone 2 off each auto and seed them for my outdoor gurilla grow since I can’t afford a 100 auto seeds. Or I might hermie all of them and shake out the seeds since I’m blasting all my autos into oil anyway.
    I have a nice stream way back in the woods we’re in gonna line the banks with autos.
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  12. once you see it popped i would add 1 more week to what they say . most of them are 8 weeks . what time are you planing on running ? 24 ?
  13. You cant clone auto they will be shit yeild sweet fa cause autos are on a time line. Of you wanna hermi a plant into producing seeds (bad call in my opinio ).fuck with the light times like random ise.on and off untill you see male flowers take the pollen from them then give it to one you havent stressed that way youlll get fem seeds but some will carry the hermi trait and could do the same again or by colidial silver the ypu have a way thats less likely to carry ther hermie gene. But cloning an auto is a complete waste of time.

    It can be done not saying it cant but theres better ways to stress a plant and still get some yeild off it even of its real seedy
  14. I get what ur saying. But like I said I’m not a fan of smoking autos they tend to lack flavor and density/potency. I have a few pounds of tasty dense phono to smoke while I wait for my autos. I turn all mine into BHO and RSO for pain management. So even if it’s full of seed and low yielding I can still blast it and get amazing product. My fathers friend had 100’s of plants go to seed so he was giving away free pounds loaded with seeds and we blasted most of it into amazing shatter. Since then I’ve been growing autos strictly for BHO/RSO.
    I’ll just spray one with colloidal silver and put all the female pollen on all my autos just to save me the time of shaking every bud.
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  15. Lack flavor potency and density your growing the wrong autos then mate or some seriously old stock autos are capable of yeilding as much as a photo and hit 28% thc i believe mephisto have got even higher. And flavor can be juat as good as photos.
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  16. pics of these pounds of green and seed you got or never happend and good luck cloning autos
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  17. Don’t clone autos . Do your research.
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    Did my research. Many many days of solid research. I’m in college for what ur speaking of doing research on. Did you not read my original post or reply’s? I need thousands of seeds and unless I wanna spend around $100,000 buying seeds I could just get myself then I’m gonna go ahead and hermie my plants and clones. Colloidal silvers not an option. Maybe you do some research and tell me another way besides Colloidal silver and hermie.
  19. Did you ask your college professors?
    ... just a thought.
  20. I don’t like bringing up weed. He’s not anti weed but he’s defiantly not for it. I’m one of his favorite students and I don’t want him thinking down upon me.
    What would I be asking him exactly?

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