Stupid people

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by chiggmista, May 10, 2011.

  1. Do you ever just think about how fucking stupid people can be......its like 80% of the people in the USA are blind as fuck. What are you a republican or a democrat... whats your religion?? blah blah blah... WHO GIVES A FUCK. its like people don't under stand you don't have to be any of the given things. ENJOY LIFE AND SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS....WE ARE FUCKING ANIMALS....seems as if alot of people do not see it this way.

    Does anybody else feel this way?
  2. I'd be better off not thinking this but yes.
  3. utilize and abuse the ignorant to do your will.
  4. I like stupid people for a few reasons:

    You can rip them off and theyll be cool with it
    You can chop on them and put them on the spot and theyll laugh it off
  5. Animals are smarter.
  6. thread would get more replies if you just simply named it women

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