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Stupid people

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MONSTA, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. So yesterday I saw this dude named mike playing basketball outside his driveway. We've smoked a couple times before and he is a chill guy. So anyway we exchanged numbers and told me if I needed a bag hit him up. Today I received a text message from him saying .8s today. I texted him saying are you serious? A dub is 1.0. He then said everyone sells .7 or .8 and he's been in around much longer than me. This is ridiculus because bud is already $20 a g round here. This convorsation made me laugh so hard. Guy is retarded. also he said he doesn't know were I am getting my information from and that I sound dumb saying a dub is 1.0. This guy is just trying to trick me. What a dick
  2. a dub is usually used to mean a ten dollar sack.

  3. Around here it is a 20 sack or a gram.
  4. this thread is hilarious, because everyone above me is a stupid person, and im not insulting, just referring to the title :)

    anyways, a dub in some places can definitely be .8 but it has to be dank. around here u get 1.4 at most for a dub (paying $20) so monsta calm down because hes giving u a reasonable sale

  5. Around me you say dime if you want a $10 sack. weird how places are different

  6. yea, and around here it means either a gram of dank or 12 grams of reggie.(20 dollars worth) its different every where..

  7. .7 or .8 is not a reasonable sale. Yes it is only .2 grams away but my income is very low and I like to get the most out of what I'm paying for. Are you saying you would be happy to receive a .7 for $20?
  8. Yea a dub is a $20 bag. Around here its 1.7-1.8g dank or good mids, doesn't matter. But I've heard a ton of people on this forum that get 1g dubs kinda sucks balls in my opinion.
  9. lol... scrubs.

    here is how weed is priced, when ur not getting HUSTLED

    .8-1gram dime bag = 10 dollars

    dub = 1.7 -1.8 grams = 20

    eigth 3.5 grams = 40 dollars

    quarted 7 grams = 70 dollars

    half = 14 grams = 130

    ounce = 28 grams =250

    or there about.

  10. i would not be happy at all, but in your area if $20 regularly gets you a g, then in your situation I would be fine paying that when its only .2 lower than what I usually get.

    and u really thought he was trying to rip u off? lol its only .2...
  11. #11 h i g h, Mar 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 22, 2012
    o shit yeah i meant 20 dollar. yeah a dime is a 10 dollar. i am a perfect example of the thread title now

  12. A dub is a 20 dollar sack to everyone except you. Get your shit right before you post trying to make him look like a dumbass.
  13. I always buy in grams do I know exactly what I am getting. Also 8th and up is when you start getting the most bang for your buck.
  14. Save up and buy a nice O

  15. i know it is. i wasnt trying to make him look like a dumbass either. i just tried to tell him that in my area a dub means something else. i meant to say 20$ and i corrected myself in another post.
  16. just a tip. dont buy 20s, 10 sacks etc. buy an eighth at a time, dont have enough money? save up dont buy. anything over 60 for an eigth say forget it, even thats pushing it. (but dont complain about 60/8th)

    youll accumulate money while your smoking on the eighth and next time you need some you should have enough for another. Make sure your eigths are no less than 3.5-3.4
  17. Yeah, around here a dub ($20) is about 1.7-2.3 of good weed. (varies slightly on quality and supply) but yea. $20 for a gram? It has to be some really dank shit, and at that point you might as well drop more money and get an 1/8 so it lasts...

  18. How's he trying to make anyone look like a dumbass? Grow the fuck up he made a mistake.
  19. 20 bucks a gram? FUCK maann you should move to montreal lol
  20. [quote name='"Aracratz"']Save up and buy a nice O[/quote]

    This but don't try to buy it from that dumb ass kid. He will probably tell you its 560 but he will knock 10 off cause your cool lol

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