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Discussion in 'General' started by Misfit, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. grr ok so 2 days ago i got a half o and a new pipe. so i was lookin forward to this for over a week now. i got it and was all happy. so last night i smoked a few friends up and came home. my mom was up and ive come in high with no problems before and this time was no different. came in went up to my room no problems. i put my pipe, papers and weed in the trunk of my car which was messy. i went up to bed and set my alarm for 2 am so i can go smoke and watch some cartoons. the alarm didnt wake me dammit. so my mom woke me up at 730 today told me to get dressed and come down stairs. there on the table was my shit. DAMN YOU MOM lol the one time i dont take shit out of my car she finds it and gives me the usual speech. "elliott why did you lie to me all thoes times you said you dont smoke when you actually do"..."how much do you buy at a time"..."your throwing your life away"...etc. pssh yall know the speech. so after all that she took my bowl, papers and weeds. no punishments really. ALL I WANT IS MY WEED AND BOWL BACK :'( misfit is sad. not sad his mom found out but Socrates and my weed is gone. but i have till monday night to find it.
  2. my longest post to date. t minus 2 hours till the search begins. ninja mode activated.
  3. my mom did the same thing, but she didn't try to stop me from smoking at all. she just flushed my fat sack :(:(:(:(
  4. my sis leaves soon so im tearin apart the house till i find it.
  5. That sucks dude, I got into a similiar predicament a while back. My mom found everything, my bong, my spoon, weed and my chillum. The next day while she was at work, I went up to her bedroom and there they were, sitting on her dresser. Even the bag of weed.

    So I took the bag and replaced it with some oregano. Then when she came home, she made me flush my stash.

    Boy, it sure does suck to waste oregano. :)
  6. my mom is totally cool with the whole pot thing. shes actually the one who got me started on it. but she had some pretty strict rules, that i didnt like. she would only let me smoke once a week, and sometimes a little more. so this tuesday morning i slipped up. after a really great weekend a wanted a little more before attending summer school. just enough to get relaxed, so i took a hit and lit a candle. it covered the smell, but when i got home my mom asked me about it. so i told her the truth. she got incredibly pissed off and took away my bong, pipe, and stash. she also grounded me for a month. i'm doing yard work for 2 weeks. she got my license suspended, shes going to make me go to a private school next year, and i may end up living with my dad in the gay ass burbs where i dont know anyone. she said she doesnt trust me at all now because i lied to her, but i told her the truth when she asked! she went nuts. but knowing my mom, i'll probly get everything back once she gets two weeks of free labor out of me.
  7. Feel your pain man :(

    most parents think jane is soooooo bad cause its considered a drug like it or not so the only way to make them dont be conserned about it is finding a creative way to show them that jane is no that bad at all. Example: show them some Internet articles on how jane can cure stuff, hopefully they will buy it :p

    Anyways the best way is to keep your stuff VERY hiden and never think ill hide it later but do it in the spot. Parents will ALWAYS search all the house whem they think them kids are using "drugs" so have some "parent safe" place to hide it.
  8. My parents found my shit, yelled at me for a while, and gave me my pipe and drugs back.
  9. Back in the day my dad took a small stash from me, my papers, & my brand new spoon, he even took my cigars and I was 18. He never mentioned it though, he just smoked the weed and I could never find the spoon so I think he just got rid of it. I don't get along with my dad and dont see him anymore, he has smoked for 30+ years but is anti-weed. Things that blatantly hypocritical just anger me.
  10. My pops is an ex-druggie gone propagandized. It's pretty sad. Not gonna be here much longer. Cant wait to get out of this shit town.
  11. Well dude from the way your mom sounded when she was talkin to you kinda sounds like you should ask her if she ever smoked and if she ever had any *Bad smoke times*

    And at all possible try to get your mom to understand now that she knows.

    I used to have to hide all my stuff not to long ago...
    Now i smoke,Buy,and get high wit my parents but it took a while to finally be able too :)
  12. holy shit wow
  13. lol, i've never seen me mum like this before. she is the one that bought me the pipe, and she let me buy the bong, and i buy the weed from some of her friends and my two druggie uncles. and all that happened because i didn't tell her i toked in the morning.
  14. When I first started smoking I hid it for like a week then I just said fuck it and told my family I smoke weed deal with it. It turns out they had both been smoking for 30+ years. So now when I go home to visit them we all get high together. Sometimes when my dad comes out to visit he asks if he can buy some of my very special blend. I kind of like sitting around smoking with my family catching up on BS of the week or month.
  15. my parents caught me once but my parents are huge potheads so now me and my mom smoke together i know my dad would smoke with me to but it would have to be my weed hes not gonna smoke his stash wit me although he has he just didnt realize it hahahaha my parents buy like 4-5 ounces every two weeks and i just steal some of my parents stash they are dry right now and so am i although i do buy my own most of the time sometimes i take my parents shit when i aint got money
  16. I've never been cought, but sometimes I wish I do, just to know how she feels about it. Im sick of sneaking around and shit. I know for a fact she used to smoke back in the day, but I cant get a feel for how she would react if she knew I smoked. I know she wont be happy, but I just want the chance to explain "If im gunna smoke, I'd rather do it in the safety, comfort, and privacy of my own home. I dont want to get cought walking the streets smoking." Then maybe she'll be cool with it. Im far to scared just to ask her...
  17. ok well i found my step dads stash box. old stems in it and stuff like that. then found my shit, took back half of my weed and took my bowl back. i also took one of my stepdads pipes.

  18. Thats exactly how i feel. My dad total 70's stoner, but i think he could be possibley angered if i smoke in the house. I don't think he'll care if i do, but i don't think he wants my friends smokings. I think he might know and just doesn't say anything.
  19. she didnt tell me that smokeing was wrong but if i get cought with it in the car that would be no good and if i got arrested for posession i would have to put that on every application for the rest of my life. even though ive been arrested before i dont have to put it down because i was a jouvie

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