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Stupid high shit

Discussion in 'General' started by ThatAintNoSkunk, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Lemme start.

    So I was high as fuck and I thought it would be a good idea to listen to my friends and run down through a kids birthday party next door butt ass naked with a bag on my head... That is all
    Your turn
  2. Im not really that dumb when im high but drinking is another story
  3. Haha true that I remember one time I was shitty wasted and me and my buddies went to the ghetto dressed all fancy and blasted bad boys ( the cops theme song)
  4. Lol dafuq
  5. It's the shit haha
  6. I was walking on the edge of a cliff-esque hill. My car was parked on a lower level of the hill and was almost across the park where I'd have to walk in a big circle just to get back to it. So I decided to just take a "short-cut" down the cliff-esque hill onto the lower level where my car was parked and just walk towards it from there.
    So I take my first step down the steep-ass hill and things are fine, then all of a sudden my left foot loses footing. And naturally, I catch myself with my right foot, then I realized I was starting to gain momentum so my right foot slips, and naturally again - I catch myself with my left foot. And the motion begins, slip, catch, slip, catch. Eventually I'm running full speed against my will down a steep-ass cliff-esque hill to the point where I'm not even choosing to run, it's gravity forcing my legs to move in this motion.
    I seriously thought I was going to die, so I just kept running down this hill and I see the hill about to stop near the bottom and I braced myself for a full impact. I slammed on the ground and onlookers are all worried because they saw the whole thing happen. They see me get up and there's just a puddle of blood on the floor, the right side of my face was torn and bleeding, my arms with bleeding, I was spitting pure blood. Not blood-colored spit, pure blood. It was horrible, so then I limped over to the nearest bathroom, and I see myself covered in dirt and blood, so I wash myself off a little bit and go back to my car, where I had to drive me and my friend home, high on weed and shrooms, with blood running down the right side of my face and body.

    Oh, and I almost got into a car crash that night because I was shroom-tripping extremely hard on the lines in the middle of the road. So yeah, that's my story.
  7. if I'm bored I can get high and I know I'll come up with something stupid yet entertaining to do with nothing else at hand
  8. thats pretty intense
  9. Got silly high and went to sleep. Had to leave the house at 5 am cus i had a flight. Needless to say i almost missed it. By some magic i woke up at 4.45. I remember setting my alarm but it didnt ring at all >.> high problems..
  10. Haha he'll yea dude I tokes at like 3 am one night and went through ( bowls of some red diesel woke up the next morning still high at 7:52 and I had to be at school at 8:15 haha :highproblems

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