stupid health class

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  1. Yeah it's different down here. You can take health whenever you want basically, you just need to take it before graduation.
  2. Damn looking back saying something wouldn't have been a bad idea. Oh well, we'll see what else they'll throw at us.:smoking: Just gonna chill the rest of the night, baked, The Mars Volta playing, what else do you need on a friday night.:p
  3. In my school you have a choice of when you take health and you cant take it as a freshman..... most people take it senior because its a BS class.
  4. Same bullshit as always. Sometimes though I like to watch shit like this cuz its so funny. Id probably be upset though, since I would know there were people there watching it who dont know any better.
  5. In my school district, it's required that there is a drug and alcohol, and a sex ed unit in every health class from 6th grade to 12th grade.

    So basically they say "Don't smoke, don't drink, and don't have sex." Well what the fuck am I supposed to do for fun?
  6. My health class said someone smoked 1 joint and jumped out a window
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  7. Just recently?

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