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  1. So I have the the acoustic version of the Fugees - Vocab as my ringtone...and one of my homegirls screws her face up like a baboon, and says thats a weird ringtone...this wouldnt bug me if she didnt always throw the "weird" comment on my interests...

    Personally, I think spending 30 dollars on white women magazines every week is moronic...but its her I cant even care enough to comment....

    Am I being disrespected or just too sensitive? She does it A LOT. I mean, what is she saying to other people about me?

    I'm gonna start having higher standards for my friends.

    Drag me to hell is like the worst movie, no?
  2. Drag Me to Hell is actually an awesome movie but Sam Raimi isn't for everyone, I guess?
  3. Sorry for the double-post but LOL at "white woman magazines"
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    Really? awesome? its like a parody of some sort.
  5. yeahhh OP, know what you mean, im always playing GOOD music and then some bitch has to say something then put the LIL WAYNE or LADY GAGA on or some other shit.

  6. its true though...none of that crap applies to her life

  7. lol I know...I mean I listen to wayne, but its not headphone music for me..I guess I gotta have lollipop as a ringtone to be considered normal

  8. Higher standards?




    Live and let live. I'm sure your friends have the idea that their standards are somewhat higher then your own.

    P.S. Drag Me to Hell was awesome!

    Granted if you're not into satirical horror, then this suit probably didn't fit you all too well. Watch the Evil Dead series, and you'll quickly notice the patterns Raimi sets. His work is pure gold, to be completely honest.

    [ame=]YouTube - Drag Me To Hell (2009) - Mouth Moments (Funny)[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Drag Me To Hell - Goat scene[/ame]
    How can this not bring you to tears?​
  9. can you post a link to the song.

  10. oooh, satirical? I thought it was meant to be taken just as any other horror movie...

    Ive watched it three times so I dont mind watching it but I love real horror movies.

    And I'm trying to LIVE but this chick whos supposed to be a friend wont stop reminding me how weird she thinks I dosent make me makes me annoyed.

  11. [ame=]YouTube - Fugees - Vocab[/ame]
  12. fuck friends that judge every little thing u do so i say get some chill friends that dont care bout all the lil stuff and enjoy

  13. yeah...those are real friends.

  14. Hola! It could be a combination of things or an isolated issue; I know that sounds rather ambiguous, but it's hard to tell... From my experience with people (former friends) that denigrate you and your expression of yourself; they are merely trying to exercise passive-power over you. Okay that might sound a little out there, but it's a behavioral pattern. She says "weird" a lot regarding you/your expression. Weird connotes unfamiliarity, and thus is related to fear and negativity. While this long winded explanation may seem just that; your mind is VERY quick and automatically registers these definitions to you, all with out you realizing it... When you do, you get offended, or else, they are just words right? People, words carry power, and those that don't understand what words are being used against them, will thus be under their power.

    She's attaching a negative to YOU girl, lol... not good. My usual remedy for this is to simply ignore them at 1st, and if it becomes a habit, I give them small doses of their own behavior, this usually raises a quick flag and they take note.

    I wouldn't say you're being too sensitive; you are just more aware of it then the people that aren't the recipient of it. They see you as raising a fuss; until it's happening to them.

    Lastly... It's a hard road to take, but I've found setting personal standards of respect, trust, and honestly aided me well in fleecing the flock of pretenders and haters in disguise. It's rough cutting the fat and watching folks scrunch their noses at your attempt to better yourself and move on to those that do respect you and your style.

    When you choose better standards for yourself = YOU are exercising a great power-CHOICE. Many people just accept disrespect and thus are weakened. People that mistreat you will cause you to become closed up and off as a person. You don't want to share yourself with these type of people, and "you" start to wilt... When you find people that respect you, you open up, and thus blossom and grow as a person, shedding the drying leaves of disrespect. :wave:


  15. This has so much truth to it..weird is definitely sparks negative vibes....And I agree with the passive power call someone weird is definitely a judgement call....Sure, Ive called people weird before but they werent friends obviously....

    I have such a I dont care attitude when it comes to females, but I think its time for me to make some adjustments...and not just because of what she thinks but because thats really not how you treat a friend...

    Thinking about it...I probably only have about 3 REAL girlfriends out of the 9 who pretend

    Thanks for the insight
  16. the fugees are great. tell that chick to listen to real music. i bet she likes lady gaga or something
  17. i like that song, the intro singing part is the same as the chorus to my favorite blackstar song (definition)
  18. I dunno, I've had a few people tell me (in all seriousness) that fucking MGMT is better than Pink Floyd.

    Shit, it still makes my blood boil.

    But the truth is, I could make those people sit around listening to Pink Floyd all day and night and they'd still think MGMT is better. You can't change people's minds unless they want their mind's to be changed and you can't expect everyone to like (or even appreciate) the same things as you do.

    I agree that some people have such frustrating opinions that you feel like you're talking to someone who is literally mentally retarded, but you just gotta accept that people like different things and you can't change that.

    Even if you think you're 'showing them the light', some people prefer to stay in what you perceive as darkness.

    So just... Chilll:smoke:
  19. that song is dope....

    but about the situation i would say just chill might be over thinking it...

    different strokes for different folks..?? i think thats the saying...
  20. damn i love the fugees, i'm listening to the score right now

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