Stupid Funny Stories While High...

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  1. Mine is...

    Me and my friend were in his back yard smokin 2 joints a piece (this was 4:20) and we were just chillin by his fire pit when we noticed his dog wasn't there and that his gate was open. Now his parents are inside the house watchin tv at 8 at night. We ran all around the damn neihberhood lookin for this little black dog when its pitch black out. We go back to the house empty handed, and scared shitless. So my friend gathers the courage whilst baked off his ass to go talk to his parents and ask them. So we go in and say to his parents, that his dog isn't there and his parents say, hey dumbass you let him in 20 minutes ago... We fuckin laughed our asses off, I know it doesn't sound true but seriously, 2 joints and all my friend did was quickly open the door to get a water and accidently let his dog in... :cool::smoking:
  2. long story short.
    i ended up doing 10 minutes of pelvic thrust on top of my buds car while singing "The Thong Song"
  3. Rofl.....haha wow. sounds like me lol
  4. Im from the UK and we rarely gt a decent fall of snow here, so wen we do... we gt high and make the most of it...
    well last jan this happened and me and my m8s were off it... we were walking bac to the car to roll another joint wen my m8 slipped and fell flat on his ass, we all nearly wet ourselves laughing and we gt in the car and roll a foot long, this took us 15 mins cus we were so baked, but finally marvelling at our creation we gt bac out of the car... to find my m8 still on the floor in the exact same spot were he fell. lmao, was the funniest thing ever, he had been lying in the snow for over 15 mins, and we had forgotton about him

  5. Hahahahaha, that is histerical....

    Sorry sir, that's going in ma' sig.
  6. on my first ever time (14) me and a mate were camping, just finished our first ever sesh and snuck ever so quietly into our tent. when we got in I jumped on the bed, landed on the unopened doritoes and they made a reeeal loud *poof* sound. we were laughin so hard and loudly then all of a sudden we stopped and he is like OMG im like what? hes like ' did you eat the whole fuckin pack already' i look over and see crumbs and shit all over his face... i never got any chips :(

    My mate walked in to his kitchen and grabs alfoil (back in the day lol) and his mums like wtf is that for. he thinks real quick and wraps it around his head. hes like 'i made a new hat, call me conehead' hahaha
  7. My friend Monsieur-Nick (don't be fooled, she IS a woman) and I waked and baked like, a week ago before we went to college, so we're packing our shit, and she's like "WTF?! WHERE IS MY FUCKING PURSE?! I JUST FUCKING HAD IT!!!" So she's spinning around, trying to remember where the fuck she put it, and I just bust up laughing and say "It's on your fucking shoulder, you high-ass!"
    Needless to say, we were laughing our asses off

    The best story had to be back in juniour year, this was before I smoked mind you, we were going on a field trip to the Dam, and Monsieur-Nick gets high as balls, so naturally, I knew stoners were fun to fuck with, haha, so we're on the bus, and I see the dam, and I point it out to her- "Look dude! There's the dam!" and she goes "Woah, it's so BIG!" and then the bus turns, so you can't see the dam anymore, so then I say "Look! the dam disappeared!" And she looks and goes "OH MY GOD!!! WHERE DID IT GO?! THAT'S NOT OKAY!!!"
    Ha, I'm such a bitch.
    But now she can get me back for all those times I fucked with her...
    she just doesn't remember to XD
  8. I was driving smoking a blunt with a friend on prom night and this was like my eighth time smoking or so
    ANyone they turned on afroman and my friend m just starts singing along to it
    It sounded so crazy I just kept telling him to shut the fuck up and I couldn't help but laugh everytime I told him too shutup and he just started singing louder
    It was hilarious at the time

  9. i dont mean to question you story but u were out side smokeing for 4 hours, only smoked 2 joints each and was still blitzed at 8...u guys must be rookie cuz i lose my high after about a hour...
  10. Well i have a bunch of stories just can't remember any good ones right now. This one aint bad though. I was with a couple friends, and they were just chillin in his basement and my friend that lived there said i could smoke in his garage and come back in. I smoked a couple fat bowls, and remember being pretty baked. So in my friends basement i keep trying to light this cigar and every time he snatches the lighter out of my hand before i can get it going (it was pretty funny just after blazing). So about 5 minutes later when they forgot about me in "the box" i decided to light it up. So all of a sudden he notices and in his basement u can run around this 10x10ft square in the middle, which i did with the cigar in my mouth puffing away. He couldn't catch me for shit it was great. Imagine it in your head its much funnier like that haha.
  11. I snuck out of my house ( still live with parents) preparing to walk down the road a ways, and then blaze. I walked about 100 feet, got scared and then walked back. All for nothing. So I ended up just blazing in my downstairs laundry room. Halfway through the session, I heard a wild animal a few feet away outside the window. So I brought my cat in and put him in between the window and me. Also I tried to convince him to smoke with me, but it wasn't his thing, so I just took a few more hits packed it all up for the night.

  12. Somebody just got chumped.

  13. He may have meant 4/20... as in the date... but I dunno.
    that doesn't even make sense...
    even if it were 4/20, he'd still be smokin at 4:20
    I also just realized that you use the : symbol for time
    So never mind, you're right.
  14. Baked.

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