Stupid Design

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by dynasty, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. I like Neil deGrasse Tyson. If you've ever watched Nova Science Now, you can see how cool he is. Here is a segment he does about Stupid Design (you'll see Richard Dawkins in the audience).

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  2. dude...that was really interesting and funny. But those fetuses....WHAT THE FUCK MANNN?! uuugggllllyyyy especially the one on the top right, it looks like a demon
  3. What a rambunctious astrophysacist.

    He makes some good points.
  4. It will not let me rep you, sadly. Thanks for sharing! That was pretty good. :)
  5. ^i'll do it for you.

    that shit was hilarious.
  6. Excellent points. I love how he's like "No engineer would ever do that!" ahhaha oh man. Anyway Niel is awesome, I've seen him appear on the Daily Show twice, and he was awesome both times.
  7. im sure a video along the lines of "intelligent design" would be much more lengthly than this one. :)
  8. Length doesnt necessarily mean its a better video or argument.
  9. i know. my point is that the number of things that point to intelligent design are much greater than those that point to stupid design.

    people tend to focus more on the negative things; this being a prime example.
  10. [web][/web]

    The collapse of intelligent design. :)
  11. this "collapsing" of intelligent design has been going on for ages. i would make a thread about the remaining evidence of intelligent design, but that would be futile. instead, all you have to do is walk outside and witness the beauty of the earth in all of its capacity.

  12. I would love for you to make such a thread. Please do so! :)
  13. That thread would turn into a great debate, but i bet it would be eventually closed just the others. :(
  14. If people could keep their cool no thread would ever need to be closed, eh?
  15. True, It's always worth a shot.
  16. like i said, it would be nothing more than futile if i made a thread about intelligent design. such a topic would be more suitable in the "proving God exists" thread anyways, which to an extent we have touched upon already.
  17. If it is true, spreading the truth is never futile. Never. No matter how much opposition one receives. The truth, after all, will set you free. :)

    No matter its truth or not, it allows people to learn, which allows people to grow, which in and of itself, is a worthwhile endeavor.
  18. you're absolutely right my friend. :)

  19. Well, actually, walking outside, looking at nature in all its beauty whilst understanding at least some basics of evolution and geological formation, is the greatest argument one can make for complexity resulting from simple rules.

    It certainly is not any evidence of creationism. All that is implying is that through some magic it all went *poof* into existence. Doesn't explain anything. Besides, such an argument falls under the Post Hoc (unconnected temporal relationship) logical fallacy. Just because nature is beautiful and to some extent mysterious to us, do not in any manner prove a deity created it. There is no proven connection between the two (nature - god) in the argument.
  20. "What must natural selection--working for billions of years--be capable of? The answer is all the beauty and diversity in the biological world."-Carl Sagan

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