Stupid Dealers, Great Deals!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Weslie Pipes, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. What's the best deal you ever got at the expense of a stupid dealer? Here's mine.

    Met this girl through a friend. She moved in with a bunch of guys and started selling pot for them. So she's selling by the gram, I pick up a gram, and take it to the car. I show my friends, and we just start laughing. When we get home, we weigh it.

    I wound up getting 5.5 grams of high mids for 15 bucks because the bitch doesn't understand what a gram is.
  2. damn

    best deal i can remeber is i got 1.7 of dank for 20 while he was rollin
  3. I got 2.5 grams of medical marijuana for $10.
  4. never got a good deal off them being dumb, just being nice:hello:
  5. D: What? Nice dealers? ...where do you live, Candyland?!
  6. My best friend would always hook me up with an extra gram or so for every eighth i got.

    So if i got a quarter, i would end up getting 9-10 gs for the 7.
    Been my dealer for years :D
  7. i never got too many hook ups off my dealer being stupid...prolly just like a gram here or there...

  8. lol where do you live, the hood? Nah man not all dealers are shady people, plus i like to think if i was a dealer i would hook up my customers every once in a while...if you keep your clientele happy, they'll come back.
  9. Made me lol.

    But wtf @ OP, has she never smoked weed before? She gave you almost a quarter which was suppose to be a gram LOOOOOOOOOL. I mean, cna she not tell the difference from a gram bag to a sandwich baggie? LOL

    She must of did some :p:p to the guy she got it from to make any money sellin it @ those prices ROFL.
  10. okay well the last time i picked up i got like 5gs for free lol

    I was picking up headies.. Jock Horror.. i think that's like jack herer (my favorite) and northern lights but not sure

    I was picking up for myself and another friend.. i also went with another friend as well.

    so i tell him i have 40 bucks..25/g.. i ended up with 2gs..

    well then i pull out another 60 bucks..forgot about my buddy.

    he puts all the weed back on the scale. weighs it out.. hits me up with 8gs

    that should be 2 bills.. i think i just confused him throwing around all the money lol..

    my other buddy walked out with 4gs for like 60 lol

    shit was bomb.. drug test like 7 days later for me lol well worth it.
  11. :smoking:dude me and my friend bought from this one kid and one time he sold me a a bag and he accidentally gave me a quarter for the price of a eighth. ha the same kid accidentally gave him two bags
  12. I was buying some low mids from a friend of a friend cause my actual dealer was out of town and my secondary was out.

    I told him I wanted a quarter and he weighed out 14 grams instead of 7 and gave it to me. I didn't say shit, haha.

  13. That is crazy, pretty much the exact same thing happened to me except i payed for a quarter and got about 16 grams. Thing is i didn't have a scale and didn't see him weigh it, and my friend and i were just marveling at how fucking fat he hooked it up. I guess his scale wasn't calibrated right. The next time i called he mentioned he was missing some weed, i let him know how fat my sack was, but also let him know it was long gone, he was cool about it. I really wish i still had that hook up actually.
  14. I like to think my dealers aren't stupid but want to see me happy. I know I'd wan't to see my contacts happy. I've only bought from friends for the most part anyways so I know that they aren't that stupid.
  15. I was at a rave in Portland when some guy hands me a backpack and says hold getting arrested....sure enough all of the undercover cops there wearing suits grabbed him and arrested him. I walked around with his stupid backpack for six hours and never even looked in it. It had a four ounces of weed, sixty five E-tabs, two vials of acid and a bunch of powder that I didnt recognize.

    I waited around until morning, but since I was 100 miles away from home, and nobody knew the guy I just decided to drive home. It was a good night!
  16. I don't think this was due to stupidity, but my guy dropped off 1 1/8th of the 1/4 i was buying before he went to class, then dropped back by my house at lunch to drop off the second 1/8th. I weigh them, the first one is like .2 g's from being 7gs. THat was about the whole 1/4 just in the first 1/8th. I weigh the second, it comes to 5gs. So I got about a 12g 1/4 for $60.
  17. Today I got 12 g's for 15....not cuz of him being dumb though
  18. i had this dealer at my high school who really just wanted to do it for the social aspects he wasnt well liked and having the best deals was a way to get people to call him and tell him where the kegs where

    he would give us like 1.9 of fire for 20 $ which is good but not great where im from (great weed market here) but we would always be like are you sure this looks skimp and he would give you like .5 more.

    it was awesome
  19. I've gotten 6.5 of high mids for 30 dollars. It was my first transaction from the dealer in question so he might of just been giving me a taster but it was still retarded.
  20. i don't think ive gotten great deals because of stupid dealers. i just get great deals because i get great deals...

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