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Stupid Cocksucker

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by JuicyGoose, May 27, 2010.

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  1. haha ^ good stuff
  2. Sorry about the breakup, but I'm just wondering this. If you want a certain person to reply then why don't you message him?
  3. ...I'm sorry this is happening to you, better luck next time.

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    My ex changed in a week, or so it seemed. Perhaps he had been thinking about this for a while? That's what happened with me. He had been talking to some girl behind my back that he had met in school. I spend hundreds of dollars on him, I did his laundry and folded his clothes, I cleaned his room, I would wake him up every morning with a fucking massage. All for what? Unfortunately, love blinds us. We try to be the best fucking girlfriend and at the end of the day they are still not satisfied. Hell, I wish someone was doind my laundry and waking me up everyday with 30 minute massages. He left me for some 21 year old divorced girl with a kid. Nice downgrade, right?

    You will hurt for a while, but time heals all wounds. May I suggest not having loveless sex for a while? Making out with someone else who wasn't my ex only made things worse for me. I cried like the drunken mess I was at that moment about how I missed my ex and how wrong it felt for me to kiss another man besides him. Plus, I've also heard from chicks that it only made them feel worse. It is too soon to be doing that, in my opinion. Take this time to let your heart heal. He will eventually realized he is an idiot and by that time it will be too late. Vent out your feelings on paper, go to the gym and work off the stress, hang out with friends and have a good time. It's going to take some getting used to but it sure helped me. Eventually karma got to my ex and the girl only ended up using him while he had developed feelings for her and he cried and was all depressed and was drinking and smoking his problems away like the pathetic loser he is :laughing: :laughing: I still crack up thinking about that. I came out a stronger woman from that relationship. So strong that I didn't even shed a tear when I found out my recent ex had cheated on me. Not one.

    Let karma take it's course. Everything is going to be fine :)

    Just saw your other post, my ex talked to me about marriage and kids too. HIM, not me. We pretty much had plans for the next few years and stuff. You'd think the girl would be the one talking about getting married but it was all him. Also, I've had my trust betrayed in every relationship I've been in. It happens, it gets us grow and makes us stronger and better for the next relationship. I know what you're feeling and it sucks but you will realize all of this if not now then soon.

  5. Being the best girlfriend you can be isn't always enough, though. There's gotta be more than just sweet gestures.

    If some guy were to wake me up every morning with an hour long massage, plus pancakes, bacon, and eggs in bed maybe followed by a fat bowl and a slice of the best banana cream pie... Well, it means he's a great guy but it doesn't always mean I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Ya know? :p

    Maybe he just felt like he "clicked" more with the other girl? Who knows.
    It's no ones fault, sometimes it's just what is best for both people in the long run.

    Anyway, regarding your situation, Girly... you said he is being a dick to everyone, not just you. So I'd assume it's probably his own personal issues and not anything that reflects on your relationship.

    I've seen a few friends go through the whole guy-with-commitment-issues situation. Mainly my female friends who got with a guy when they were pretty young, and a couple years into the relationship the guy realizes "Oh shit, all my guy friends are out there bangin' random bitches every night and I've been tied down for a couple years now. I need to play the field."

    It's no fault of your own. Sometimes people just need to try new things and figure out what they really want. We only get one life, and if that's what he feels like he needs to do, then that's what he needs to do...

    If he had tried to brush away those feelings and stay with you, your relationship probably would have become strained and resentful anyway. In the long run, it's for the best. And I'm confident that being the strong woman you are, you will move on to bigger and better things. :D

  6. Haha I did those sweet gestures just because I wanted to. And of course that doesn't mean he'll spend the rest of his life with me for me being sweet. But why was he the one bringing up marriage? And kids? He's the one that would bring that up (I guess you didn't see my edit). And if he would have clicked better with someone who would ditch him numerous times and treat him like dog shit then I guess I should have not done any sweet gestures for him :confused_2: and he should have had the balls to break up with me before spitting game at that girl. It would have hurt still but not as bad. The fact that he went behind my back and betrayed my trust like that and moved on from me WHILE still being with me is what's fucked. The fact that he would tell me he loved me and acted as if everything was fine while he was hanging out with that tramp is what hurt.

    He was/is a coward and I'm glad he's out of my life. GirlyS will come out a stronger and better woman from this experience. It happens to all of us at least once I'm sure. So don't stress it. Like I said in my other post, everything will be fine :) and seriously let karma take it's course lol. He will be kicking himself in the nuts when he realizes his mistake.
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    I love him and I'm just scared that after this break i won't want to be with him.

    It's retarded.

    But thanks for everyone who actually contributed positively. :wave:

    Anyone who has some ways to get over this faster or positive words... pm me.

    JD, can you close it?
  8. Wait what? I thought he broke up with you, not asked for a break?
  9. Thread closed as per OP's request. :wave:
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