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Stupid Cocksucker

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by JuicyGoose, May 27, 2010.

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  1. Shit, that was a dress down of epic proportions. Even I felt like a chump reading that.
  2. I'm going through the EXACT same thing right now, so I know how hurt you are. You're better off, there are bigger and better things waiting for you.

  3. I'm sorry that I have an abundance of friends who think I'm pretty damn special. Not to mention, I know I'm not fucking crazy if his mother and his friends are telling him to think really hard about this. He's been acting like a cock to EVERYONE and I've been going way out of my way to step on eggshells around him.

    I deserve a fucking rewards for putting up with him lately all to be shit on.

    Yes, I'm bitter and yes, I'm very very hurt.

    He might have changed, but in the last month it's like he went from the sweetest person in the world to basically a big dickhead. Not just to me, to everyone around him.

    Take his side, i wouldn't expect anything less from someone who's probably done this to someone in their past.

    The thing that is eating me up is that I finally trusted someone and let them in and this is how I get it back? Fuck that, I am going to stick with my previous mantra of trust no one and live on.

    I wasn't asking for you to sit here and try to judge our whole relationship. I needed people who may or may not have been in this situation to shed some light on this situation for someone who is very obviously down and out right now.

    Anymore negative comments will be neg repped. I just wrote very clearly what my reason was for posting this, now please post something useful.
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    You want more to the story?

    I've alienated all of my friends, stopped talking to my male friends completely so i didn't ruin his fragile state. I did everything for him because that's what I WANTED to do. I loved him I wanted him to have everything I had to give.

    In the past month he's been distant. I haven't changed at all. I mean, I've grown up a little, but I'm still the same girl I've always been.

    I may sound conceited but ask anyone who knows me and they'll back up that I'm one of the most down to earth, giving people you will ever meet. I literally make sure everyone is having a good time all the time because it MAKES ME HAPPY when everyone around me is.

    Those things I said about myself are what I've been hearing from all of my friends, do i believe it? NO! But maybe if I say them enough i'll believe it.

    And I want nothing more for him but to have a good life, but this is the most betrayed I've ever felt in my life.

    I never talked about marriage or children, he did. He got my fucking hopes up for nothing.

    I was fucking stupid, but it won't happen again. I've learned my lesson.

    Also, did you guys miss the part where he used me? I have every right to diss him, he fucking made me feel like a fuckdoll.
  5. Also, give me a little credit, he just called and i ignored it because i have nothing nice to say.
  6. Let it out! Yeah, sometimes people need to just freaking vent. I don't know if going off on a person is always the best method so sometimes it's better to just vent it off by yourself. You seem to be finding this method somewhat therapeutic, so say what you feel.

    The guy seems like a serious scuzz bucket. I hope you stand your ground with him if you ever talk to him again.
  7. Sorry to hear that girl, but at least you know you deserve better... some guys just do not see what they have, or if they do I just actually have no idea. Guys say girls are confusing when they are equally confusing!

    I hope you start feeling better soon though :)

    e-hug? [​IMG]
  8. lol imagine this guy posts on GC
  9. Good. I suggest you ignore it no matter what you have to say though.

    Now, move on and delete this.
  10. So pretty much what your saying is we should offer our unwavering support and condolences and any attempt to try to offer an unbiased opinion is grounds for neg rep? Alrighty negative rep me if you want I really don't care. You sound very narcissistic and I don't doubt your a very giving person, but you probably expect the same. If what your saying about the guy is true would you really want to be with him?....Oops I mean sorry that your apparently dick boyfriend broke up with you, I'm sorry for your lose? I'm going to go make a thread were only praise and support is to be offered and anything else will be ignored/neg repped.:rolleyes:
  11. its easier said than done, but walk away from it all with your head up. i had an experience somewhat like yours except that im a dude and i did damn near anything for my girl. one day me and her were hanging out and talking. she was acting weird and was giving off these weird vibes so i asked her if anything was going on and she denied it but seemed really defensive if nothing was truly going on. after that conversation, things started to go downhill. i pretty much gave my heart to that bitch to realise it was a waste of my time, love, and money. shit made me depressed as hell, we'd talk once in a while and it seemed that we started to straighten things out but it was just the same old shit because i could never have that trust or love for her.

    its been 2 years and it still messes with my head. i let it mess up many new opportunities because i dont feel like gambling that much time away again. dont let the hopelessness get you like it did me. its a bitch to get out of.

  12. I will there is one person I'd like to post something, just cause his input is important to me. :)

    I was going to delete it soon.

  13. This is why I'm scared, I already had a relationship change me, i lost myself and i really don't like the idea of taking time to find myself and rebuild my life.

    Like, he basically lived with me. Now, i sleep alone, it's hard.
  14. two years is a bunch of time, but in the grand scheme of things if he dumped you to be a douchebag, that is his fault and it wasn't meant to be.

    move on, find someone better and have some fuckin fun.

  15. Because i don't need more negative shit in my life.

    You can't act like you're above me because everyone does the same shit after a break-up, get off my nuts and go to a thread where being downer is appreciated.

    I WANT POSITIVE COMMENTS, cause i'm in a funk. Sorry for thinking more people in this forum were understanding.

    Also, can you read? I said i was bitter and i didn't believe that shit about myself, but maybe if i say it enough i will.
  16. Well at least you can have some rightous anger!

    I can sympathtize with being the "fucked" one in a relationship. But we still have our principles so forget these mooks!!!
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    Haha. Nice. I've BEEN in your position plenty of times to realize the best way to deal with this situation. You're not the only person who's dealt with this bullshit, believe it or not.

    You're just handling this the wrong way.

    Then be glad you don't have to deal with his shit, and be a little mature about.

    I'm sorry he's hurt you, but that does not a justify a reason to lash out at people.

    That's stupid. Quit being so purposely naive.

    This is exactly what we're doing. I'm sorry it's not the response you wanted or expected.

    And yet, after all of this.

    Define "a little".

    Bang on.

    Just delete this thread, it serves no purpose except for attention. I'm sorry your hurt, and I'm sorry you've lost someone very dear to you. It's never easy.

    He's changed, and he's moved on. He's not who you think he is anymore.

    Trust me when I say, just be happy it happened now and not 6 months down the road where you care for him even more then you do now.

    Honestly, just be happy about this. You can only go up from here.
  18. Yeah, Negative rep me as well, but maybe these negative comments are there to show or tell you something. Has that ever crossed your mind?

    You want people to blow smoke up your ass or you want the truth?

    And how was he acting like he's above you? You're the one saying that you're so hot and that every guy wants you!!!

    Get over yourself!

    Oh, and the negative rep bar is to the top right of this message... :D

  19. I'm above no one, I'm a loser with trust issues who can't even get a steady girlfriend. I guess the part in bold is what I don't understand. I was simply trying to offer my opinion from a neutral perspective not to be a negative Nancy. I apologize for my intrusion in your thread and will refrain from posting in it further.
  20. Preach it brother!

    I'm glad we're not all White Knights here.
    White Knighting - Encyclopedia Dramatica

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