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Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by JuicyGoose, May 27, 2010.

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  1. I dedicated 2 fucking years of my life to a faggot who throws it all away so he can be "single". Yo, fuck you buddy, I rock hard and I know it.

    I'm fucking beautiful, smart and have an awesome sense of humor. I love drugs and dancing, I hate drama and think it all can be solved with some singing.

    Who wouldn't want me? Hmmmmmmmm, ratards.... that's who.

    I made you lunch, i woke up 5:45 every fucking morning to make you coffee before work. I wrote you love notes to find while you were on your kayaking trips and smile about. I did your laundry, i made you dinner, i paddled your ass around in the canoe so you could relax and fish. May not seem like a big deal to you, but I'm not a fucking body builder.

    You're stupid and one day you'll realize it, but then it will be too late.

    I didn't tell you this, but I've had so many guys on my dick since they found out i was single. And by "so many" I don't mean 3 or 4.... i'm saying like fucking 20.

    I've turned every single one of them down, but no more am i going to let my love for you stop me from finding someone to appreciate me. Of course, i plan on being single for a while and livin' it up because i can, but when i find someone i hope you burn up inside with jealously knowing you just let someone like me go.

    By the way, if you think I'm going to stop hanging out with your friends you're delusional. They love me and, to be frank, they're all kinda sick of your new found attitude.

    I'd be lying if i said saying these things didn't kill me, but today you crossed a fucking line. You fucking used me. I had sex with you and you claimed to love me...... I'm disgusted with myself. It's cool, i can have loveless sex with so many other guys... better guys.

    Eat me you fucking idiot.

    (Basically, my boyfriend dumped me because after 2 years he decided he's not ready for a relationship)

    Sorry guys, i made this to vent. I figured everyone here deserved to know why I've been so fucking bitchy and distant. I do feel better.

    Commence e-hugging and words of encouragement... I need them so badly right now, you have no idea.
  2. Hey FUCK him then! No one deserves to be USED! That's just fucked up!

    THIS! He just lost something special and I don't know that he realizes it!..... Your probably better off without him to be honest!
  3. sounds horrible to say but ive been single for 8 years best life move i EVER made. relationships HAH what a joke.
  4. And I also don't want to offend anyone with the "faggot" remark. I use it frequently to describe douchebags.... never a gay man.
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    lol i love your sense of humor, i kno its not supposed to be funny but i couldnt help, but to laugh. But let fate take its route. sounds like the guy is very shallow and insecure if he just left you to be single. wtf??.. u dont need that dude,your a beautiful soul, you emit it through your posts..
  6. :bolt:


  7. No, i definitely meant it to be kinda funny.

    He is dickhead.

    Like, honestly, you think you know someone, but you don't.

    I am just so pissed that i really let him in and trusted him when he said he loved me and shit. Am I really as stupid as those girls i made fun of?

  8. Lack of better terms man....

    What would you suggest i say?

  9. Jesus, I wouldn't want to be with you either if this is your attitude. A little full of ourselves, aren't we?

    Take your break up with stride, and move on from this asshole.
    Don't make some petty thread claiming how amazing you are.

    To be honest, I'm leaning towards your ex's side on this one.
    It's not like he cheated on you, he just wants some space and to be left alone. Look how you're reacting?

  10. Lol, using the word "nuts" would have been a little bit better..... I was slightly detered for a moment, but I got what you were saying! lol, and your not stupid! He's a dickhead cock sucker like you said!
  11. Females do this to pump up their self esteem cause of course she's gonna think she did something wrong if she went through all this trouble and he still left her ass. They're very delicate creatures.

    jk, you sound like a very nice girl OP and it's his loss if he left you if you really busted your ass for him. Just make sure it doesn't get you down so you can show him his bitch-move made you a better person, while he's at home jerking it to porn.
  12. People change. It's normal.
  13. This though, just cause he ditched you doesn't mean there was never any love. Love fades, him dumping you now doesn't mean he never loved you.

    Food for thought.
  14. ^
    This. Don't do any of it ever again,unless you have a 3 carot rock and a new car. :p Or, if you are doing it for your kid.

    You overreached, made him too comfy, and he used you. You aren't his mommy, and you aren't his wife. He can make his own lunch, set the timer for the coffee maker, do his laundry, order pizza, and paddle his own boat.

    Make them "buy the cow" if they want the damn milk next time. Don't be cheap, and certainly don't be free. I don't mean any disrespect to you, because I am sure you did this all out of love, but you gave a bit too much, and disrupted the equilibrium of the relationship. Sure, if a guy did this all for you, it would be sweet and cute at first, and then it would feel suffocating and too familiar. Special things and special words are no longer special when you make them mundane. Hugs, best wishes, and good luck on your next search.
  15. look things come n go, thats what makes us fresh n not boring. 2 years is along time and i doubt your just going to "forget" him like that, if the relationship is really WORTH IT TO YOU then pursue the reason of your breakup even harder because the issue sounds alot deeper. hey you never know maybe you'll end up with him down the line if not, it just wasnt meant to be.
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    haha these get me every time, i lol'd also

    also, im sorry you are upset and i sympathize with you but honestly would you rather him have forced a relationship that he didnt want to be in anymore? you cant make someone love someone else if they dont... even if they wanted to sometimes it just cant work out that way. so dont be angry, not at him or yourself, just move on, dwelling on these things will get you absolutely nowhere.
  17. Well, I've got to ask you seem to good to be true are you sure there isn't more to the story? Perhaps you got along and what not, but your just not the one he was looking to spend the rest of his life with. It doesn't necessarily mean he was using you. Look on the bright side at least you can have an actual relationship with somebody and have people dieing to get a chance with you. Then again what do I know I've never been in a relationship longer than a month, I can't imagine what it feel like to have someone I thought loved me just suddenly say they don't anymore. Then again I can imagine what it feels like to be alone, and it's not a great feeling. You sound like an awesome chick I'm sure you'll find yours no use stressing over someone who is not. :wave:
  18. You took the words right out of my mouth.

    OP does seem stuck up and narcissistic. I HATE that shit.

    How about a little humility?

    I mean, I'm sorry this happened and all, but to say your shit doesn't stink would be a fallacy, no?
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