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stupid CNN

Discussion in 'General' started by neworderrules80, May 28, 2009.

  1. go to right now and tell me you don't see any bullshit...:mad:
  2. I dunno man, wasnt much bullshit there really. A picture of a joint w/ some shitty weed and the word addiction maybe. You read the article?
  3. That's awesome, dude. The media is now reporting on the things that stoners want to happen. This means they are at the end of their game! Their target audience is the populace of the US that reside within the bible belt. Honestly, what sane person goes through life without fornicating, drinking, smoking something, or giving into peer pressure from time to time?
  4. How is an increase in the potency of marijuana a bad thing? If anything it should be great news, it takes less to get us higher, which in return makes our lungs love us even more since we take in less burnt plant matter.
  5. From the viewpoint of a user its a great thing, but they use that as ammo for more propoganda.
  6. Yeah dude, well that's why more debates should be held so bullshit propoganda can be fought.

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