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Discussion in 'General' started by addict, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. so my friend got 2 cigarettes and in exchange would give that person 10 cigs when he got a pack at the end of the week.

    while he got 2 cigs and ended up breaking one of them and loosing the other. the one he broke he tried to role the tobaco in a zig zag and smoke it but it didnt work it was so funny cuz after he traded he instantly regreted making the deal

    any one else ever make a really stupid deal.
  2. i used to sell cigs to the 10th graders. Lol. Only a couple of them i knew though. They'd give me like 5 bucks for 3 cigs

    i've gotten cigs wet & let them dry out and tried smoking em cuz i was desperate.

    one more reason i am cutting back/quitting. lol
  3. why are cigs such a big deal?
  4. cuz they r freakin 7 bucks a pack now
  5. yea...where i am your lucky if you can get em for under 7.50 haha

    american spirits are where its at btw
  6. ^^^QFT. Only where I live they are 8.96 a pack. Shit sucks but I only go thru like 2 packs a week.
  7. yea the one thing i dont do is smoke cigarettes but not cuz there bad for me but cuz of the price.

    i think all the anti-tobacco comercials should focus on the price of them and not the damege it does becasue im more scared about my wallet being empty then my health
  8. camel filters are $6.09 at my local smoke shop. hella cheaper than at a convienience store for $7-8
  9. yea the only cigs under like 7 are basics or
  10. dont forget about paul mauls lol
  11. My cigarettes are only 5 dollars.
  12. I can get a hooker for less. (without teeth though)
  13. ^you hand roll em or wat
  14. are you talking about the hookers or the cigs?
  15. in ms you can get a carton of el cheapos carnival/sport/305's etc for 27-29 per carton.
  16. No, I buy Camel lights.... as always.

    If i had to pay anymore than that.... fuck I'd quit.
  17. most of my friends all smoke reds or 27's and thoes both cost around 6.50 or more
  18. camel turkish royals, $4.95 at this one chevron and $4.65 at this one plaid pantry. everywhere else they're like $6. madness!!

    ps your friend is a silly mofo!
  19. camel lights - 5.01 bitchesssss

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