STUPID Beginner's Mistake, Please Read and Learn (laugh if you like)

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  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to post what happened as a warning/info to others, beginners like me.

    I started my first indoor grow last week, with 3 varieties: bag seed, northern lights, and blue mystic, which is supposed to not smell too pungent. I got perfect germination (boiler room that is warm, I used Burpee peat pellets in a Burpee peat seed starter in a gallon ziploc bag, all seeds germinated occurred within 48 hours, the ziploc had condensation all over).

    I read thread after thread on here, love the GC community and am preparing a grow journal for the micro/PC growers out there. Thought I knew what I was doing....

    Anyway, I transplanted the seeds to a 4 inch plastic pot with plenty of drainage, I used Espoma Organic Potting Mix, which has peat moss, peat humus, perlite, and dolomite limestone. I followed GC advice on transplanting, watering the soil fully, allowing it to drain, and then using a sterilized spoon, making a 1 inch whole for my precious...

    Ready to laugh (maybe learn if you are that incompetent like me?). I put the seed in WITH THE ROOT TIP STRAIGHT UP, then placed it in my grow case under a 13 watt CFL (more powerful 42 watts are coming tomorrow). It took me three days to realize that the white part of the germinated seed if the f*cking ROOT, not the plant! The seed, from which my ladies will grow, has been buried alive for 3 days :cry:. I couldn't believe my stupidity, I just went in and very very carefully reversed them.

    Any suggestions at this point are welcome, here are some pics:


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  2. lmfao
  3. Yo DW, I was thinking about the case grow but like. How much sound do the lights make and does it smell? (My dad use to grow back in 88) Also do they need a good amount of ventilation (oxygen).

    I'm an absolute noob >.<
  4. lol i actually did this the first time i tried growing, ur best bet is to throw them out and restart because there not going to grow
  5. Dizzdawg,

    Its the fans that make the most noise, CFL's aren't noisy. As for smell, I have carbon filters on 2 exhaust fans, and I am using a strain that supposedly is not pungent. You want to stay away from anything with 'skunk' in the name. Later on in flowering, I will get ONA for odor control. Proper air movement is crucial, especially in such a small space! Check out all the micro grows (there is even a new micro grow area in the Indoor Growing Forum now), you'll can learn about the basics (like I did haha), as well as important techniques such as topping and LST to increase yield and manage height. I'll update this post after the weekend once I put in strong lights and give them a chance at a second life since I murdered them.

    I did a lot of research, so feel free to ask any questions.
  6. Bedorf1,

    You're probably right, but I am a Messianist for now, giving them a shot to come back from the dead for a few days. One of the seeds was an expensive feminized Blue Mystic, similar to Northern Lights but better suited to indoor growing...I have 4 seeds left, want to really get through one grow to learn from my mistakes (although I didn't think the mistakes would start SO soon). I also have 20 Northern Lights seeds and 100 bagseed :).
  7. shit I am dumb no wonder only half sprouted fuck o well. Thanks man.
  8. no but really they dont grow, i did the same thing the plant grows to its first stage and would not move on, keep growing if you like but it will just be a waste of time
  9. I've done the same thing...and it grew ! Fruit Automatic.

    The plants will find a way to survive .
  10. He is risen...I am naming him 'The Messiah'. The other one is rising, poking through its seed (see first 2 pics below), his name shall be 'Methusalah'. I finally got my bulbs (three 42 watt CFL's) and it looks like the sun in there now. The other bulb you see is the 13 watter, notice any difference between the 2? I will put in the other 42 watt bulbs shortly.

    I gave them a bit of misted water (tap filtered through my Brita).

    To address Bedorf1's comment, if I don't see any growth in the next week, I will give them a proper burial and start over. Time to put my grow journal in order.

    Thanks everyone! I will update the post with any progress.

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  11. don't call them "he" you don't want to jinx it and get males haha
    they look ok but make sure you get plenty of light on them now, they're going to need it if they're going to survive
  12. Good Point! The Messiah is actually a feminized blue mystic, and Methusaleh is Northern Lights (unfeminized). I also have some backup bagseed germinating, I prob should have used that to begin with to learn from before using higher quality seeds.
  13. glad to see they survived. you shoulda seen what my old closet looked like with 420+ watts and 25,000+lummens worth of cfls in it lol..

    anyways good luch with the grow, you got a journal for it?
  14. 420 watts? haha sounds like a wonderful amount
  15. nothing wrong with planting them root up as long as it is well covered with dirt. I always plant my termed seeds sideways. I never plant them root down. if you plant them root up or sideways the plant comes out of the shell much better. the only mistake that was made was digging them up 3 days later. after 3 days in dirt the root should have been well established.
  16. you should not call plants "he" or "him" unless it is your final reference before trashing it. you can't smoke the pole of a male plant no mater how homosexual you want that plant to be.
  17. Hi,

    I totally agree with you now on sideways planting, just keep it lightly covered in soil and let nature take its course. However, i planted mine directly upside down! I had to dig it out so that the root could at least be in contact with the soil and not sticking straight up!

    I'll update tomorrow with pics, thanks again.

  18. The taproot comes out the pointy end of the seed and usually curls down towards the blunt end, regardless of how the seed itself is oriented. If you plant it with pointy end down, the taproot will still grow as I said, but it will be going up. After it's started coming out and pointing up, it detects that it isn't oriented the right way and the taproot will turn back down. The problem with this is that the seed only has so much energy in it, it needs to get established ASAP and get those cotyledons (first two, round leaves) out to start photosynthesizing. When the taproot has to change direction and try to find its way down, it uses up that limited, valuable energy and can kill the seed before it even gets started. I had a seed that I kept accidentally moving around, the taproot was kinda long and twisted all over and it just died. Sideways should be fine, it's having to turn 180* that kills em.

    Moving the seeds around while the taproot is already out can easily kill them as well, the taproots are very fragile and there are tiny tiny hairs on them that are even more fragile, so be very careful moving them around
  19. Well, unfortunately the seedlings died...I gave them a proper burial and will start with bagseed this time to make sure my germination and seedling method work before trying out on good seeds. Thanks everyone for the advice, I learned a bit from the experience.

  20. Can you explain how 'thats good'?

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