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Stupid ass noob dealers.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 561imdone, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. I just got a text from this kid saying "I got dat pineapple express, hit me up" Word for word thats what he texted me..

    WTF is going wrong with people today? Even though there may be a possibility that someone has "pineapple express" this would be the last kid on earth to have it.

    Seriously i hate stupid ass people :mad::mad::mad:
  2. They just tag it with names for more profit.
  3. tell him if he text u again ul fuckin stab him in the neck
  4. Yeah dude but to say you have Pineapple express is retarded!!!!! Odds are no one really has it. I'm suret heir might be a couple people who have actually grown it.

    Im just gonna curb stomp him next time he says something stupid like that.

  5. loooooool, i love some of these bs names for heads. Pineapple express has to be the best bs though, is it even real?
  6. but really man... i have legit pineapple express. no joke. same stuff they used in the movies. hit me up.


    I walked right in, looked at it, told him that naming no name dank isnt worth that name, and that i've had legit maui wowi, and this was no hawaii strain.

    next day,

    Yo bro, i got some sweet tooth, wanna scope?

    go check it, same bud.

    /slap, walk out :/

    people with falsifying names for dank. it sucks, becuase for a second you actually think, hey! im gonna get really really high!

    but no, thats never the case, unless its that rare, rare good day.
  7. calm down....
    He can call it "buttfucking aunt jemima"
    Who the fuck cares aslong as its good herb.
  8. he just wants to make some extra money. if it's not good bud, don't buy it. i don't base what i buy off of what strain it is anyway. (unless i go to the club)
  10. i mean, personally i'd scoop up some "buttfucking aunt jemima" bud all day long!
  11. That made me laugh so hard I may have had a bowel movement! :D

  12. The guy was just probably using that as a code, like 420. No one actually HAS 420. If he did use that name though just get a better source.
  13. dude i agree with you 100% while i think that movie was amazing i hate the fact that they got people saying pineapple express, i was talking to this kid and we where talking about the best buds weve smoked and i was like white widow and california chronic are probably the best strains ive ever had and hes like dude, have you ever had pineapple express, i heard its the best weed and its grown with the air blah blah blah, it was the how thing the dealer in pineapple express said, i was just like fuck you dude, that doesnt even make sense then it happened again, i was in a pizza place since i made friends with the waitresses and they hook me up with pizza and i had like 3 grams of this blueberry sour diesel hybrid (soooooooooo tasty) and thee where these 2 hood ass guys and we got to talking about bud and i was like yo check this out i show him the bud, hes impressed, then hes like yo they got pineapple express up in camden, its supposed to be sick. i would have argued had he not had a tattoo taking up his entire torso.
  14. that whole thing aside though he was an extremely cool guy, def wanna smoke with him.
  15. best strain name ever.
  16. You guys are funny. I know of 3 dispensaries in the bay area that carry Pineapple Express and 1 in the valley.

    Just because you can't get it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist!

  17. Pics or it didnt happen =O
  18. #18 BlownOnThAtIndo, Feb 7, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 7, 2009
    lmao remember in school when everyone had that "flame ass kush" lmao. There is alotta dumbshits outthere this is why im gonna grow top-notch flame when i get my own place.
  19. There is no real strain called Pineapple express too, I watched the Reel Comedy of the movie and Seth Rogen was talking about how he always thought he could name something in one of his movies pineapple express so that is what he did.
  20. well i don't see how you know what he could have got his hands on... although that is a stupid message. but is that even a real strain? i thought it was just some bullshit...just cause a movie about weed is made a new strain is going to pop up?

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