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  1. So there's this kid in high school and hes just a sophmore and he's already tried heroin. I'm thinking how fucked up is that! and then to go around and tell everyone and brag about all your crazy drug doings and you're only 15!!! it doesnt bug me when a younger person who smokes weed but when you're doing that kind of stuff you're ridiculous! :mad:
  2. to bad he didn't od
  3. The unfortunate thing is that by the time he realizes how much of a moron he's being by doing that kind of stuff he might have done some serious damage to his life in general...
  4. it will catch up 2 him lol
  5. That reminds me of a sophomore kid I know. Last year he was straight edge off and on cause he thought it was the cool thing to do. Now he does stupid shit like taking 20 over-the-counter pills and drinking cough syrup. One time he told me he had about a gram so I grabbed my steam roller and rode to his house on my bike, and it was fucking oregano. Apparently he bought it from someone at school for $2. Dumbass.
  6. my 7th grade cousin smokes weed and cigarettes

    and what hurts me is that she says alot of kids do it at that age
  7. yeah i went over to one of my bud's houses on 4/20 and met his 6th grade brother who owns his own hookah and smokes weed and drinks. 6th grade! i just dont really get how it came to be that kids are doing stuff so young.

    oh and that kid who bought oregano haha thats funny but sad how someone wants to fit in so much
  8. One of my best friends started smoking weed with his brother i think the summer after 5th grade, and he's probably one of the funniest guys I know. And he's been playing soccer forever and is damn good...but I laughed SO hard whenever my friends and I were first talking about when we started smoking with him and we were all "ya around the summer after freshman year i think" and he goes "yea...i started back in like 5th grade :D "
  9. Hahaha!

    This one time, me and my buddy were picking up on an ounce, and this guy brings out a jar full of fucking oregano. My buddy opens the jar and sniffs it, and says 'bitch this smells like pizza'. He talked shit to the kid for a while, and the kid said he tried it and got high, so the shit talking ensued. Apparently it wasn't his, but this freshman's shit. So we call him a dumbass again, drive off. We get a call like 15 minutes later, and this little bitch was saying he was gonna shoot us for raggin' on his 'bud'.

    Fuck that. I never even saw the bitch again.

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