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Stupid "abovetheinfluence" mag ad

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Archfiend, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Ok so i was reading an old issue of some video game magazine out of boredom and i stumbled across these 2 very dumb ads. Not only were they poorly illustrated, but also they were full of loop holes. and this is where my super stoner investigating skills kicked in.


    1.) that dog is friggen tiny, i have a very small dog and i dont need to walk it. you just run around with em, or let em out to pee.
    2.) If he is Sooo lazy, then howd he grow that huge pot plant in the first place, growing takes time, patience, and if your lazy your gonna kill your plant.
    3.) 2nd ad completely contradicts the first. The so called "lazy pothead" is now out and about walking his dog.
    4.)The drawings are just plain bad
  2. first thing he needs to do is get that plant checked out!!!!!! that cant be healthy!!

    above the ignorance
  3. Agreed, plant looks like shit.
  4. your reasons for why the ads are bad, are pretty nit picky reasons.

    stoners arent so lazy they cant walk their dogs. I love walking my dog, giant boarder collie, he loves the ocean.

    and the second ad is just lame, no one smokes pot to get chicks, if i got chicks just for the fact i smoked weed, that would be realy awsome.


    and tiny dogs like walks to, dont discriminate
  5. lol, the dog thing i can relate to, but i just dont like to walk my dogs anyway. As for the second one, no one really smokes trees to get girls, i mean when im with girls i usually have to smoke less cause they are uncomfortable with all the tree we be smokin.
  6. i've met more chicks that stopped talking to me cause i smoke than chicks that are cool with it
  7. i like the one where the girl comes in and the dog starts talking to her........... that girl is tripppppiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn
  8. hahaha yeah

    "you're not the same when you smoke" and then it jumps off the chair or counter or whatever its on and goes outside. followed by the dramatic silence and close up.

    those ads are so lame and cookie-cutter. i mean, even when they have a different idea, they play the psa out the same way they always do

    [edit]: my favorite of the cartoons is the one where the girl leaves the guy smoking and leaves with the alien in the flying saucer. and it has their logo on a little flag on the top of the flying saucer
  9. the best one is def. the one where theres the jamaican voice and then it turns out that its just like a mask type deal talking to them

    i dont think its the same person
  10. of course the ad is stupid because the corrupt people behind them (alcohol & tobacco... keeping the COMPETITION illegal by bribing "lobbying" politicians) are trying to use scare tactics, not be honest.

    i'm surprised they haven't done an ad saying an honor student smoked one doobie then cannibalized his family in their sleep! they already did one saying weed caused a train wreck (funny, why don't you see them mentioning alcohol & oil tanker accidents? oh yeah... politicians just LOVE oil bribes "lobbying" too) then there were all those scary ads showing teens ignoring their little brothers who wandered into traffic and got killed, yet anti-drinking & driving ads are a joke! literally! how scary is seeing someone in a car full of beer getting pulled over? it isn't. it's FUNNY! every year though THOUSANDS of people die because some idiot gets drunk and stupid behind the wheel. then there's all of the drunks that shoot their wives etc.

    how about lung cancer etc. from tobacco? you don't see ads about that do you? no, you see supposedly "anti-smoking" ads that end with some hot looking teen girl blowing smoke and making it look SEXY! don't think that big tobacco didn't put an end to those ads! i at least read that they went to court to limit them somehow. THOSE were scary & effective because they were paid for by tobacco court settlements & not the tobacco companies themselves. there's nothing more philip morriis hates than THE TRUTH!

    often, the ads quote BIASED and inaccurate research like the study that found weed to be addictive. despite it being provento be false, politicians etc. still quote it and are probably the people that sponsored the quack research to begin with.

    the whole laziness thing in the ad is just appealing to old STEREOTYPES, not facts because a recent study found that employees that smoked weed were actually something like 10%-20% MORE productive! the writer quoting the study joked "probably so they can afford to buy it"

    the bottom line, those ads are so effective because 1. there's no way you'll EVER see the FACTS about weed on TV or in the major media which are just whores for big business too just like the politicians and 2. the public is so damn apothetic that they let the powers that be get away with that crap!

    i was all excited when there were actual ballots for a marijuana reform party in voting booths a few years back. of course i clicked EVERY pot leaf i saw and in the ENTIRE DAMN COUNTY which had to have a population of AT LEAST 500,000, only about 34 of us fought back!

    don't expect bogus scare tactics ads to go away any time soon.

    screw decriminalizing of marijuana! the BIGGER issue is that this entire country is run by whoever has the money to lobby politicians. every time a new law like tort reform (limiting the public's ability to sue big business) or anti-environmental law is passed, it's because some huge faceless corporation own your ass and you're nothing more than a disposable profit machine. you want to see weed legalized? get rid of the corrupt money machine first!
  11. Mannnnn that first ad really offends me I love getting high and walking my dog with my ipod on a beautiful sunny day. Nothing better.
  12. Man that thing about pot-heads being more productive to pay for weed is kind of true, or I could see it in some situations anyway. I used to work my ass off in high school, painting for the neighbors, mowing lawns, doing concrete work, and I did a good job too and charged 5$/hr, all to pay for my favorite plant :smoking:

    Also, I'd think the tobacco companies could become pro-legalization. Think about it, they have all the technology right now to grow weed. They'd have a huge hold on two major intoxicants, with alcohol and caffeine being the other two.

    The corrupt money machine isn't the reason pot is illegal . . . it's the fact that businessmen are given huge leeway with government, and can by extension control our laws and everything we do. Take away the government, and you're de-fanging a lion.
  13. lmao yeah. that comercial should say stop taking acid.
  14. i made this the other day making fun of this.
  15. dude when i see those above the influence in magazines or on TV i either yell at the tv at the top of my lungs like "WTF ? whats it doing here ? why me and why here ? cant they leave us alone!" im ussually high as a kite (thats fling not fallen) or just rip them out of the magazines...
  16. You know, marijuana isn't necessarily right for everyone. Maybe the idiots who smoke pot and are influenced by these ads will actually decide to quit smoking, thereby improving the overall quality of the cannabis-smoking community. Just a thought :rolleyes:
  17. ahahahaha that is my new signature no joke.
  18. purpkushskunk - + rep. im not even high and that made me laugh like a sumbitch. good stuff.
  19. "I smoke pot to impress the ladies"...

    Where did they get that statement? Who the fuck says that? Nobody does. It represents nobody in the pot-smoking community. That just goes to show you that abovetheinfluence is all a bunch of made-up bullshit.

    End of analysis.
  20. the ladies are impressed by my blunt rollin skillz.

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