Stunting growth

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  1. How do I stunt the growth in my plant? I want it to be only 4-5 feet tall.

  2. Flower earlier, estimate that your plants will get 2 to 3x bigger by harvest time
  3. Just top them once, flower when they are short, and don't grow pure sativas (you can, but more active methods of plant training will be required).
  4. How do you make the plant flower earlier?
  5. You change from a Metal Halide bulb to a High Pressure Sodium bulb
    and you change your light schedule from 18/6 to 12/12.

    Summary: Put a HPS bulb and do 12 hours of light, 12 of dark.

  6. Not everyone uses HID lights and not all of them use both HPS and MH. OP if you are growing indoors you just chnge your light scedule to 12/12. Flowering should start in approximatly 7-10 days. Expect your plant to double in size durring flower so if you want a 5 ft plant switch at 2.5ft. (maybe a little less just incase)
  7. your growing weed and you dont know how to make your plants flower?


  8. How about instead of saying that, you put in some helpful advice for a new grower? :smoke:
  9. Im just growing a plant in my backyard. I really have no intent of becoming a keen grower. I live in arizona and this thing is getting 12 12 light everyday anyway i think. I would read grow guides and have before, i have just been really really busy lately. If you have any more info on what i should do to keep my plant as small as possible outside that would be appreciated.:smoke:
  10. Ohhh. Outdoors, well that's different.

    You have 2 basic and easy options, topping or LST. Topping is more stressful on the plant than LST because in LST you are just training the plant to grow horizontally and in topping you physically remove the growing tip of a particular growing shoot (typically the main stem). Either technique will work well though.

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