Stunted/Twisted/Yellow New Growth

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  1. Hi all, I am having a bit of a dilemma here. To give some background, i recently encountered broad mites in my last grow. I was able to eradicate them with a combo of swirskis and compost tea. Now im on to my next grow and im scared that I may have them back.

    I am about 30 days along with my new grow and things have semmed to be going fine. In preventative efforts, i decided to spray my plants with 1 Ml/g of Azamax. A couple days later, they started to look like this. It is reminding me of my last mite infestation where the new growth begins to get mangled and lose vigor. Does this look like mites to anyone?

    Feeding schedule: Water to run off everyday with Cultured Solutions 4 ml/g Coco Cal, 1.5 ml/g Veg A and B

    Note: Most of these plants are in a small seedling pot. So this may be my issue? Just havent got around to repotting.
  2. Is it only affecting new growth

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  3. Yes for the most part.
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  4. Curling on new growth could mean a few things and very hard to tell by those pics mate
    Did i read right, u water to run off every day??
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  5. Yes water to run off everyday, as is recommend from what I have read about coco.
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  6. ah coco, that explains it , sorry bro! Must learn to read :)
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    it maybe a zinc deficiency if you have good nutrients like micro nutes just give that ,,also the zinc nmight be out if your pH is out if your growing in soil PH keep it between 6 and 6.5 and.hydro 5.5 -6.5 ,,,mac.
    ps got to own up i never read you grow is in coco not sure about that ,,,mac
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  8. Haha no worries! Thanks for the input!
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  9. I agree Mac, altho I was leaning towards Calcium def, (often effects new growth only) - Check PH and go from there...!
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  10. also you said before you had trouble with broad mite .it can cause this ,but by the look of your plant/s looks like you clear of them ,,,mac,,
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  11. Cal mag to me aswell mate

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  12. It seems weird because I am already using 4 ml/g, double the recommended usage. However, I am using RO water. So i will add some more Cal Mag and see what happens.

    Also, i noticed the inner stem of the plants is hollowed out when i pinch it. Last time i had mites this symptom occurred as well. Can calcium deficiency cause hollow stems as well?
  13. I have been feeding the same as listed previously and I’m still not getting any major improvements. Any suggestions to revive these babes?

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  14. You've been asked about your runoff ph can't help with out that

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