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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by CTR, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. I have 15 plants growing in an outdoor plot mixed in with some tomatos, all nicely spaced out. 3 of theese plants are no bigger than 3 inches, while the rest ar getting on for between 6 and 11 inches.

    I have just re-planted them by digging out a 1 foot hole and filling it using a standard compost-perlite-vermiculite mix.

    My soil is quite clay and when i dug them up had a job to remove the heavy clay which was compact too tight to the roots, however i lost some of the strands in doing this, but i did not dammage the tap (main) root at all. Will she be ok?
    She has shown no signs of wilting or othe ills.

    Is it the clay too tight around my roots causing the shortened growth???

    They are 6 weeks old and receive a 20-10-10 feed.
    My ph is good, around 6.2

    Also i have 1 more question.....
    My plants receive near enouh 18 hrs of light per day as they are outdoors, this is great for veg growth.....
    But does this mean that my plants wont flower or will thay just take much longer to flower or mature???

    Please help as this is my first ever grow.

  2. I guess no one here knows alot then???

  3. My tomatos plants are dead i 7 days in my garden u use somting whid kalk and my plants are 10feat lall and 11 hi---
  4. You answered the question yourself! You can't grow weed in bad soil esspecialy if its extremly clayish, some plants may have had beter root system genetics and flourish (survival of the fittest). Or some of the holes had a bit better clay. Its too late now to do antthing, next year just use poting soil with some fillers.
  5. cheers dude! confirmation I was right all along was all I was after!
  6. I started my plants outside in pots and the transplanted them into the ground. I have clay for soil here where I live and all I did was dig a hole and put plant and potting soil in ground so the plants wasn't just in clay. my plants are growing like crazy and budding now for about 2 weeks. Hope to be smoking them soon.

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