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  1. My sprout is 3 days old. On day 1 I used expert gardener potting mix. Some guy told me it was too strong and my plant got nute burn. now 2 days later is barely has any growth. i changed the soil to miracle gro. please dont flame me on miracle gro because i am transfering this to in ground/outdoors once its big enough. anyway its about 2.5 inches tall it had the two leaves it forms when it cracks out the seed and you can see very very tiny leaf in the middle of the two leaves. i did have to transplant it once but i was very gentle and did not touch the tap root. i washed the root off it looked about 3 inches long and had little roots sticking off the main long root. its about 4 inches away from the light. what could be the problem?
  2. kinda may be able to see the nute burn
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  4. well it had nute burn wtf else was i supposed to do? of course i washed off the root it had all the old soil shit on it and what not but oh well its my second grow hopefully it doesnt die this time thanks
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    The slow growth is most likely due to poor soil choices. I actually like expert gardener for houseplants, it has much better drainage than mg. However neither it or miracle grow are great for seedlings. Combine that with the fact that the plant was transplanted way to early and it isn't suprising that you have stunted growth.
  6. I transplanted mine at 8 days and got stunted growth, give it another 4-5 days and it'll spring a bit more. That's what happened to me anyway so don't worry to much.

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