Stunted Growth? Need Good Info.

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  1. All three of these plants were planted within 3 days of each other on May 12ish. One has taken off and I have started my feeding schedule with the GH 3part Flora Series, and the other two are recieving superthrive with their waterings. Why are the other two so small?


  2. Ummmmm what the hell are you growing in perlite and sand???
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    Haha no it was a small mixture of peatmoss, perlite, and some organic soil that I sprouted in a solo cup and transferred over into pure perlite. When I watered it the brown just kimda seeped up. She is pretty tho.

    All the other ones are pure perlite.
  4. Im so confused. "pure perlite" you are growing in JUST perlite???????
  5. If you are growing in just perlite that is your anwser right their a plant cannot grow in pure perlite.
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    Actually they can grow quite well in pure perlite, you just have to treat it like a hydro setup. I'm guessing the fact that the one plant had some nutes from the soil, but the other two have none may be your problem. That or not watering correctly for a hydro medium.
  8. Well the soil it was in was completely organic no nutes and it was transplanted when it was fairly small a few days after sprouting. I've had them all on the same Superthrive watering schedule, and then the big one exploded in growth over 6 days. After it developed its third set of leaves its been on the flora series.
  9. Organic soil does have nutrients normally. Mine can go a month off the nutrients in the soil alone. It just doesn't have chemical nutes.
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    Well I'm not exactly sure what the soil was but it was organic 0-0-0 and I added peatmoss, vermiculite, and perlite to it so there was minimal amounts of the soil in the solocup I had it in. I'm going to wait a week or so and see what happens. Should I keep adding superthrive to the waterings?

    I haven't added any GH nutes to the smaller ones, only 1/4 tsp / gallon every time the perlite gets pretty dry
  11. Like I said you can't grow in pure perlite. With added nutrients of course you can. I thought only one was receiving nutrients and the other two were "pure perlite" as stated. My mistake good advice though!
  12. Yeah all three of them will recieve nutes, but I didn't think the smaller two were old enough for a feeding schedule besides superthrive.

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