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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sourdbaby, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. My plant is about 4 days shy of 2 weeks old. It has not grown more than like 2 inches in height, but its on its third node and true set of leaves, its a bushy little guy. Its planted in a party cup. Could it be that the roots have outgrown the cup. I can see 10 or so root tips poking through the bottom drain holes? should i transplant?
  2. you should definitely transplant. the roots of your plant are looking for more space if they are growing out the bottom of the cup
  3. Yeah i would change it into a bigger pot from what i have seen in my own plants some tend to grow faster than others and i think it depends on what lights you are using to i found that plants grow a bit slower under my envirolight than under my 400w growlux good luck
  4. were or are you using anything for humidity? Dome or anything like that? You def. wana transplant into something larger... Are you foiler feeding or anything? Liquid Kelp works really well.. fattens up the leaves and really makes them grow bushier in my experience..
    good luck!
  5. i'd x-plant now! in some cases, the plants stay stunted and never recover.
  6. transplanted yesterday, i was amazed at how much of a root structure my plant had for being so small it was deffintly rootbound. the plant is starting to perk up now, before all the leaves were drooping. Does the shock from the transplant happen right away or does it take a day or two?
  7. most of the time i notice no wilting at all when transplanting. i always break a few roots but don't see any ill effects.
  8. I usually use transplant fertilizer to the soil before transplant it. Helps it completely minimize the effects of shock. :D

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