Stunted growth can't figure it out why 3 photos

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  1. Ok this is my second grow with hydro/led
    Planted seeds on26 March
    Moved into hydro April 7
    Gave nutes on 12 April 180 ppm with distilled water
    Upped ppm to370 on 15 April
    Ppm unchanged added more nutes on 19 April to 440ppm
    Ppm unchanged added more nutes on 29 April to 480

    5x5 tent
    2 770 watt led 20-24 inches away
    Under current hydro 30 gallon system
    Temps steadily around 75-79
    Lights on 24hrs (first time trying) thinking to change to 18-6 not sure on the effect of the plants
    Ph 5.6-5.8 my target is 5.8
    Ppm has been 430 (using distilled water, had water issues and had to use it until home water was fixed)

    Nutes: calmag bloom and micro. Ratio 1-1-.5 calmag I try to keep at 4-5 ml per gallon just increased nutes 1-1-.5 to 450 ppm

    I have raised the lights 4-5 ft above canopy for a week to promote stretching but no luck I dropped lights to 20-24" and nothing.. Fan leaves are massive compared to plant Hight. Roots look amazing and are growing out of control (compared to height)

    My questions are
    Is this a product of using LEDs??

    My first 2 or 3 grows used mh and HPS and they grow to the top of my 3-4 ft tent with ease.

    Can I go to 18-6 without adverse effects?[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I don't know how to edit on app.. The stain is satori from mandala seeds
  3. If you want them to grow taller you could always raise the light a little. And switching to 18/6 shouldn't have any negative effects on them, it would just give them 6 hours of rest and possible recovery time. I just recently gave up on 24 hr light schedule with my seedlings and they seem much happier with 18/6.
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  4. I think the most important thing here is that it looks healthy. I haven't done the hydro/LED thing but there are certainly a lot of pictures where people have plants that look just like this under those conditions, very short and dense. It might be because of the high light quality.

    If you want to try to encourage stretch you could try raising the lights to the max, or switching one off if you have more than one, to try to get the plant to search up for that quality light. Adding a dark period might also help with it, there shouldn't be any problems during veg if you change the light schedule around a little.
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  5. I don't see the problem.

    This is what you should be aiming for, the growth is stacked right on top of each other. At this rate if you did veg them to the same size as what you are used to, your yields would be so much better.

    this is how you get fat dense buds.

    they will stretch in 12/12 don't worry you are doing fine they look healthy.

    some of my best grows were with plants that had growth nodes stacked right on top of one another.
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  6. Looks healthy...perhaps a little less light to bring out some strech in it.

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