Stunted Growth And Yellow Leafs

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  1. Hi im a new grower ive been growing about 11 banana kush plants under 3 100w cfls fpr about 3 weeks now in my homemade green house that has been working perfect til now. Most of my plants are abouz 10 inches tall except a few but all of them have thr ssme yellow leaf problem. The lowest leaves on the stems have turned yellow and startrd drying. And a few of the plants arent growing as fast as the others i mean like a diff of about 5 inches.ive recently put thrm undrr my 400w hps to start growing in my box but the problem still continues ivr been using a little molassis during watering and has made the stems pretty firm idk if that might be the problem. Ive included pics of the plant leaves from about and up close on the small yellow leaves also pics of my homemade green house fish tank ive been using and a pic of the plants under thr hps help please!

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    You are right to be concerned about the yellowing lower leaves, forget the molasses, you may consider mixing some perlite on next transplant to reduce compression on the roots, but why so many plants, most domestic growers go for is 2-4 plants.??
    Of most concern here is the ...way to much RED light being used on your plants, this is easily noticed, see how tall they are with very little leaves ???...remove the existing CFL's and replace with cool white(6500 kelvin) for the next 3 weeks, this should encourage horizontal growth, make ya leaves bigger, ready for the hps in about 1 months time?
    I don't see no roots sticking out the bottom of your beer cups, but I'd guess they are not to far from transplanting, moving these plants to bigger pots will reduce your concerns on nute poisoning, just flush well first to be rid of that molasses.
    Keep a small pc type fan in there, they gotta breathe to ya know?

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