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  1. This is a Northern Lights. It maxed out at just about a foot tall. Has some good looking buds growing but never took off in size. Hydroponics grow in our Cloudponics growbox. Everything went smoothly with the grow but the plant didn't respond. Any thoughts?

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  2. Lights, container size, nutrients, these all take a part in the plant's physique. Personally, if its not stretching too much, you should maybe reveg it and clone it since those are usually a more compact bud and easier to control during flower.
  3. PH problem? What did it check out at?

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  4. There are many possible reasons for a stunted plant.
    pH - I keep mine at 6.0
    fertilizer ppm - most brands recommend too much, which can stunt growth. I keep mine around 400 (500 scale).
    amount of light - too much can burn, too little can stunt.
    humidity - according to the Vapor Pressure Deficit chart, it should always be kept in the 60s for leaf temps in the 70s.
    genetics - sometimes there's a mutant plant. I have one now.

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