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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by gorrilla, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. i am now in to the 4th week of flower , i have got plants that have a lot of bud and i have plants that have started to flower but im talking three or four white flowers off each cross sections , but do not seem to be doing any more .
    my problem is i am about to add pk13 14 in 1 week if my plant has not got much on it should i add pk13 14 or not
    i do not understand i have been told to count in 5 weeks to the day then add pk13 14 and i have also been told to add 3 weeks before harvest
    i am a begginner so i am not going to know how long to harvest because i have never had a harvest.
    i do have some further embarresments which may be contributing to this
    1, on one of my plants , i was pruning for first time and as cutting some leaves off i snipped the main shaft at the top, the side arm branches , look to me to be stretching , this plant is one that does not have much flower and i think is not flowering anymore (could be just slower than normal)
    2 i have two more plants which were testers for height they had 1 week less veggie (3 weeks veg) food than the others they are about 1 foot smaller than the other plants and they have been stacked up to make them level with the other plants these 2 also seem to have slowed or stopped ,
    3 i have 2 perfectly pruned awesome looking plants that look like pictures i have seen in papers magazines

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