Discussion in 'General' started by NGC224, May 25, 2010.

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    Anyone use this site? It's fucking awesome, especially high. I use it a lot when I'm bored. I've learned so many rad facts and stuff from it. I highly recommend it.

    To explain what it is, basically you just pick from a list of your interests, then click the "stumble" button, and it randomly jumps to a site within your interests. Very cool indeed.
  2. ehm, no to sound like an ass, but you "stumbled upon" that most recently???? cool place though, but so is the internet :p , this is old news my friend....

  3. stumbleupon is so addicting you better be careful you're crossing a line you can't cross back

    and it's been around for years dude.
  4. Been around forever but I just recently got into it, when your bored it is the most efficent way to surf the internet. Brings up everything I wanna see, some shit I would have never "stumbled upon" by myself.
  5. [​IMG]
    What are you talking about?
  6. StumbleUpon is the shit, full of thought provoking intelligent stuff, as well as awesome little games. 99 percent of the internet is porn or bullshit, Stumble does a great job at showing that good percent. Its great that you discovered it no matter how long its been out there for.

    The only drawback is Insomnia

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