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  1. Last year I moved into a place by buddy use to own, and while walking around the back yard i found about 3 plants randomly growing behind the shed. I asked my buddy about them and he said about 4 years ago one of his friends threw a handful of bagseed back there and its just grown wild over the past years.

    I curiously watched them grow last year and didnt tend to them at all because at that time I had only been smoking for about 5 months and wasnt interested in growing. They reached about 3ft tall and were basically twigs. This year I've been watching them and there seems to be about 8 or 9 but only 5 of them are really taking off. I now know how to distinguish sex and the necessities of a plant so Id like to see what these things can do.

    Now... I KNOW its not going to be much and I KNOW its probably going to be crap quality but just for the sake of science... If i let them grow wild besides pulling out the males.. what type of yield would i be looking at? I would guess anywhere from a few grams to an ounce of poor quality swag, but i really wouldnt know.. so please expand your knowledge to me and share your opinion. Thanks! :smoke:

    Pictures: The picture of the single plant is currently the biggest one.. its about 8" tall and on its 6th set of leaves. The overhead picture is of a group of the plants... some are only a few inches tall while the ones toward the shed are maybe 6" tall.

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  2. That's pretty cool, id like to be able to watch some wild weed grow. As for the quality it wont necessarily be shwag or even mids, it all depends on the plants genetics and the conditions of where its growing. As for the amount of bud it will produce i honestly cant say but if its growing in a good place you could possibly get a good yield out of it. If you could make a grow journal and keep us updated with pictures and such id very much like to watch them progress.
  3. That's awesome dude I wish weed grew wild everywhere!
  4. once upon a time it did..... i wish i lived in those days
  5. I guess I never knew it was such a cool thing... haha, I was impressed with the fact it comes back annually tho and the hellacious Iowa winters dont kill the seeds. i stripped last year's grow of seeds and threw them down for hopes of more this year... wish granted.

    Ill take a few pics every week or so and record progress of them on this thread. The updates will become less frequent in July tho because im moving to Chicago.. but thats when Ill begin my closet grow journal so its all good. ;)
  6. It's easy to get them to grow without care, even without soil. I was planning on growing alot of crappy seeds just to get bud unfourtunetly I never bought as much soil as I planned all of it I did use went to my actual plants. So there I was with 20 + seedlings in really small cups, I took a few and buried them in sand. The next time I went out 2 out of the 3 I threw in the sand survived and the ones in the cups were dead. One got 2 feet tall before before it showd male the other is a foot and and a half and looks real tarted. If I had done this with all of them I might have got some bud with no work at all I havnt even waterd.

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