Stuffy nose when high

Discussion in 'General' started by DrasticHippie, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. I always get a super stuffed up nose using any method (bong, blunt, etc..) when I blaze & was wondering if there was any way to prevent this from happening or fixing it?
  2. Likely an allergy or your immune system responding to irritation in the nasal passage.. Might pass with time if your body becomes more tolerable to the smoke, if it's definitely the smoke that's causing it.

    Stupid idea but maybe try pinching your nose and inhale/exhale through your mouth only and see if it makes a difference lol, doubt it will work though
  3. That blue OTC flonase is what I use as a lifetime outdoor allergy sufferer! It's not cheap but it is effective. The stuff that has decongestants makes it worse for me after a few days of repeat use.
  4. Blow your nose lol
  5. This happens to me too, but I have really bad allergies pretty much all the time lol
  6. one side of my nose usually gets clogged but i think i have a deviated septum.
  7. Same thing happens to me too. I do have a lot of problems with my sinuses and perhaps it's just bringing it to my attention. Idk.
  8. I get that sometimes, and is also very common if their is mold on the bud.
    I have a slight allergy to bud. If i don't wash my hand after grinding or handling it. I'll often, not always, get one or two small itchy hives on my hand, arm, or face if I accidentally touched it.
  9. Don't blow smoke through your nose.
    That's what used to clog me up when I smoke now I never do it.

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