Stuffy nose and sinus congestion after caring for plant in grow tent?

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  1. My plant is 3.5 weeks into flower. For the last few weeks I’ve been experiencing a lot of nasal congestion. Last night I invited my spouse to see the plant before I trimmed off the fan leaves and many of the sugar leaves (to improve light penetration). My spouse was not present during the trimming but only stood about 5-8 feet away from the plant for a couple of minutes. I have a carbon filter in the tent as well. I trimmed for over an hour before finishing.

    Both of us got equal and robust amounts of nasal congestion along with a sinus headache from our respective exposures. Even after taking Sudafed and Allegra we’re both improved but still headachy and stuffy. This has been going on for weeks, but we just pieced together the cause today.

    I have zero issues with rashes or itchy skin when working with the plant.

    Do any of you have trouble with this, the nasal congestion and sinus pain while caring for your plants? Any thoughts on how to deal with this? For reference I’m growing a northern lights plant in a single bubble bucket. The root zone is beneficial and is odorless. The plant itself is fairly low odor as well.

    Thanks for any feedback!
  2. Sounds like a possible mold about somewhere, if plants are in soils there are many types of bacteria and molds that are good and bad, bad ones would show as it kills plants, but soils contain all kinds of stuff in them, may be just the strain and you both have a reaction to, very much not a probability for that imo. Could just be allergies, or a virus both of you have.
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  3. It’s a single plant in a DWC (bubble bucket) setup. No soil. There’s no smell of mold either. The trigger (we think it’s the trigger anyway) are the cut leaves and growing flowers of the plant.
  4. Also, humidity in the tent has been about 35-40% the entire time.
  5. Cannabis is one of the more complex plants on the planet when it comes to the possible combinations of Terpenes that make up the various smells it can produce.
    More then a few of us can have issues with the green growing stage of the plant. A few years back we had one that reeked like an open can of paint thinner. Very strong smelling and when we started to harvest it got much worse to the point my trimmer help and I were both sneezing our heads off and he broke out in a rash on all exposed skin in just a few minutes. I did as well but it took longer for the welts to show on me. I was nearly done with her before I was I real pain.

    I grow organic and only use 2 products in flower so we know it wasn't anything except the plant itself. It did calm down a bit after the jar cure but it still smelled like pure turpentine when the jar was opened and it made everybody sneeze.

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  6. You have picts of plant? It's not a hermi throwing pollen is it?
  7. I took these last night. I was wondering the same. It’s in dark mode now so I cannot take any more pics until tonight when the lights come back on. I don’t think I saw any pollen sacks, but this is my first grow so I’m not going to be the best at spotting that.

    I appreciate everyone’s thoughts here!
    98C3D6B7-D6C9-4131-912B-ADC539695FA5.jpeg D20D47D5-20A1-40CD-8D2D-739095AFCCD8.jpeg 7506D021-15E5-459B-BFCE-7E355293C928.jpeg
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  8. Finding out your are allergic to the only plant you grew for your first grow, equivalent of a pet dying I'd say.. Sorry for your loss.. Guess you could sell it and buy some different strain..
  9. I’m allergic to weed. Seriously.
  10. I dont think bud itself would give you an allergic reaction unless there is a hermie throwing pollen like others have said. Btw, how long did that plant veg? Looks so healthy!
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  11. It’s a live plant. People can be allergic :weed:
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  12. I guess so! That stinks!
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  13. This is why some people react to weed the way they do. Some people think they are allergic to weed.. when rather, it’s the terpenes produced by the plant that you are allergic to.. goes without saying some strains have terpenes others don’t, therefore everyone’s reaction may vary from strain to strain...
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  14. This is why some people react to weed the way they do. Some people think they are allergic to weed.. when rather, it’s the terpenes produced that you are allergic to.. goes without saying.. some strains have terpenes others don’t therefore everyone’s reaction may be different....
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  15. It vegged for 6 weeks total. I flipped about a month ago.

    I did a skin test with the sap from the inside of the leaves and the resin. Zero reaction. Not a hive to be found. But, just smelling or being exposed to the plant is enough to cause debilitating nasal congestion and a sinus headache. As far as allergies are concerned, I should at least get a skin reaction. Both myself and my partner have the same issue as well.

    Thank you for all of the feedback. I was thinking this was a common problem, but I guess this is a rare issue.
  16. That’s interesting. I’ll have to look into the typical terpine profile for NL and find a strain that’s different.
  17. Don't need pollen to have a reaction.
    All the strains of cannabis produce Terpenes. It's the ratio of the blends that change the way each strain smells.

    Here is Blue Dream Terpenes profile.

    It is the profile I'd bet money on it. I found the strain Lavender to be unusable to me. Couple others I've made note on not to grow again. Sinus issues don't always bring a contact rash either.
    You wouldn't be the first grower to wear one.
    Most home improvement stores sell them. If it's rated for Lead and Mold it'll keep out what's triggering your reaction.
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  18. Thank you!!!!!!
  19. Interesting I'm experiencing the same thing for about the last couple weeks or so too since my plants hit maturity in veg and one of the strains I am growing is a northern lights cross. Definately havent been able to breath properly out of my nose and when i try blowing it into some tissue cant get anything out. Cant even get a proper smell of the herb unless I'm gone for a few hours come back smells beautiful then about an hour of being home and dealing with plants it starts again. Last week I starting thinking I wonder if its these plants that's doing this or if I suddenly became allergic to my cats or something.
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  20. When I had my grow in my bedroom closet it never failed I would have itchy watery eyes and slight congestion, only happened in flower. And only happened when I was in the bedroom that had the closet. I believe as others have stated that it's the specific terps that a strain produces that cause this. Just my .02¢

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