stuffing active carbon into downstem

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  1. So ive got a red eye bong with a 14.4 mm glass on glass diffused downstem in it and i was wondering it would be possible to shove active carbon in the end of it and then plug the end so it would act like an active carbon filter? or would it not work because of it being in the water?
  2. If the charcoal is wet it will not be able to absorb the tar. It will just act as a diffuser haha.
  3. That sounds like a fun idea for some stenchless bong ripping. I just couldnt smoke through carbon. The possibility that it would absorb some of my cannabinoid nutrients would not go over well with my brain.
  4. lol ^^^^^ gotta love weed:D...ya i think it would not collect the tar if its in water already would the water get dirty? it would diffuse like crazy though.
  5. well i know that there are such things as active carbon water filters that can do different things like taking cholorine or other things out of the water, so wouldnt that mean that the carbon would still work under water with thc, seeing as thc isnot water soluable and the carbon is made for use underwater
  6. try it and see if it makes much of a difference?
  7. No, it won't do much.

    First, it's VERY important that you properly wash and dry your carbon BEFORE USE.

    Change it every gram smoked through it.

    You can buy a disk diffused(built in glass screen) carbon filter on Etsy from SoulShineFamilyGlass.

    A real carbon filter adapter for your tube will keep ALL ash out of the water and will keep everything after the carbon much cleaner then smoking without the filter.
  8. oh so a carbon filter takes out the ash too? i thought it just took out the tar and stuff
  9. No it can't remove tar completly, but it can:
    -Keep ash from getting into the water chamber, keeping it a lot cleaner then usual.
    -Reduce the smell of exhaled smoke,
    -Make the smoke a lot smoother,
    -Remove SOME of the bad stuff in smoke.
  10. But you must remember that breathing in carbon or charcoal dust can be very dangerous (causing black lung in severe cases), so rinse the carbon for a while, then let it soak in water for a couple hours, rinse some more, and let it dry openly for a while on some paper towels.

    Be sure to wash in a well ventilated area.
  11. ok well just to be clear on this, when i take bong hits, i dont use a screen or anything so at the end of the hit when it gets all burned i pull the ash through into the ash catcher, am i still able to do this with the carbon filter?
  12. The carbon filter alone does a better job then an ashcatcher. The carbon filter catches all of the ash.

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