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  1. here is an oz i got yesterday. its pretty good stuff, better than normal for here. it does have seeds but whatever.. no award winners here but decent smoke nonetheless..

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  2. Thank god I live in Cali..
  3. that's an oz.?

    im sorry, it just looks a biiiiit short.
    looks like some mean shake and gribs, too.
  4. lol im still trippin a little from last night, and i thought i saw a dung beatle taking your stuff! looked so real...

    are you sure thats weed? and not moldy lettuce?
  5. why dis bud it looks good to me >looks like decent mids>it also looks like an ounce id be happy with it

  6. r u serious?
  7. look... whatever, the bud isn't that bad. and I can go get good bud, but its a 2 hour drive and the dank is expensive.. so lay the fuck off
  8. its not even the quality that is bad it seems like mids but that is definity no 0 thats proably more like 1/2 or 1/4 of an 0 how much u pay for it?
  9. got a deal 2ozs for 120.. and i do have scales to weigh it.. and they weighed.. later on
  10. Wow, thats some pretty gay weed bro.
  11. any weed that is 60 and oz is shit.. IMO.. smoke what you got though better than being dry..
  12. Looks like some of the mexican weed we get here, its always better than it looks but its not great.
  13. you people make me sick.. you call yourselves smokers, and all you are is jokers.. come back when you realize that not everyone in this fucking universe smokes "bomb ass weed dawg"... or can even be lucky enough to get it, bastard wads..
  14. im glad i get paid to smoke dank

  15. when people look in picture post, they wanna see some nice looking weed. which is why i dont post garbage, no one wants to see it. when u post a picture, ur basically asking people here to comment on ur shit, if u dont like it, do not post your pictures.

  16. exactly...If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen son..
  17. im in Texas and that looks exactly like the weed i get..only i can get a QP for 120$ instead of just 2 ounces...
  18. That weed looks like shit, your gettin all butt hurt cuz people are saying that bud is shit, well it is. That is even bad for shwagg.
  19. now thats some nasty bud
  20. Hmm, bit shiityyy..

    Under an oz too.

    But if its a good smoke, smoke it..

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