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Stuff Taken By Cops But I Have A Med Card

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skyler544, May 21, 2013.

  1. I need some advice. Last night I was blacked out drunk and apparently my friend (also drunk) was giving me a ride home. I had a grinder, pipe, hash pen, and a bag, but I live in CO and I have my med card. None of us were 21 though, and the driver ended up getting a DUI and my friend on probation got taken to jail. they took all my stuff, but I was blacked out and didn't defend myself as was my absolute right. But now I'm wondering if or how I can get back my stuff? they can't take your stuff if you're a card holder, but what about how I was drunk? I didn't get an MIP or any of that, so what should I do?

  2. I'd move on.
  3. id consider yourself lucky that you didnt get arrested for underage drinking.... whatever itll cost u to get a new pipe pen and grinder is less then the legal fees if you got arrested....between bail and court and a got lucky imo homie
    pick ur battles wisely lol
  4. don't drink idiot
  5. Don't be a twat and maybe we have a deal.
  6. wut???
  7. If you were blacked out, how sure can you be that it was the cops that took it? :smoke:
  8. If your buddy was on probation and its his car and you were blacked out they could of easily said it was his and fucked him in the ass so hard it isn't funny.
  9. uhhh, they wont give it back lol
    i've never ever heard of the cops taking your weed/pipe, and then giving it back a day or 2 after, med patient or not.
    i'd be happy that you were the one who didnt get in any trouble, and i'd grab some $, go grab a new pipe, a fat sac from the dispensary, and start over.
  10. Luckily enough i didn't even ask this question for myself; my (obviously) somewhat slow witted acquaintance needed me to come up with some advice because he doesn't have internet at his house. No further replies necessary, esp. not troll comments.
  11. Be low profile man, why did you black out ?.. Try to be more responsible. You know the police will somehow try to make medical pot look bad dont give them any more reasons to be a statistic.
  12. Like I said, this didn't happen to me. I didn't expect to need to explain this even more. Drinking is fun, but not with the kinds of people he hangs out with. I'm not friends with anyone that would drive drunk.
  13. friends stole grinder and weed..
  14. need to chalk it up as a loss. learn from your mistakes. getting drunk is whack. take care of your stash, first and foremost, especially if you need it for a legitimate medical reason.
  15. Consider yourself lucky and move on
  16. move on with it and learn your lesson. 
  17. Yep i can imagine the looks YOU would get trying to get YOUR shit back.
  18. OP hold your liquor better, bitches do better

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  19. If you would actually get in the car with a driver who is black out drunk, you deserve to get that shit taken away. Is the ride worth your life. You are lucky you weren't arrested and lucky you aren't dead

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