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Stuff every conisuer should know?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SimpleThings, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Folks, do any of you know of a location that only collects smoking techiniques, successful tips, and etiquete from experienced smokers who have learned from experience and exchanged knowledge? Who else out their has grown up looking forward to reading the next Jason Kings Cannabible edition or a good Ed Rosenthal book?

    Please share similar tricks of the trade that you have picked up along the way of the journey.

    Screens? People, use pebbles! Yes they actually work. I am tired of continuing to see threads about wire screens or glass stars. Personally I will use a pebble from a bag of natural fish aquarium pebbles or a random one that gets stuck in the thread of my shoes or sitting along a driveway.

    Medium size 5mm glass water pipe. As long as it is a true medium size (length of forearm) you shouldn't need extra chambers for filtration. A simple straight tube with ice catcher knobs is my preference. I haven't seen a better brand than Syn. I think it is a couple guys in a garage in the Carolina's. Check them out. Their 5mm pipe like I am talking about goes for $89.99 at the local shop. This style is also the easiest to clean. Use the 90% isopropyl Alcohol from any drug store section of a grocery store and Kosher Salt remedy. Remember that the salt does not break down in the Alcohol so it acts as an abrasive while the alcohol breaks down the grunge and removes the smell. Just a small amount of salt and two splashes of alcohol does the trick. You can have enough solution for $3 to ensure a clean pipe every smoke for a month. Grunge Off for pipes and bowls. Get a square/rectangle glass airtight container that will hold your basic glass pipes. This will store the Grunge Off and it will last a year in the container with regular use.

    Tobacco pipe stores like Tinder Boxes sell a pipe tamp tool called a Czech Tool that is a folding spoon, pick, and tamp tool. This is obviously very handy, because it fits into the next section.

    Grinders. Yes you need one. Go ahead and invest in the right one. Space Case is the way to go. Yes, higher price, but it's an investment. You will be able to get more bang per weight than before. Now it's time to step into sensimilla and leave shag, mid's or whatever you want to call it to cooking ingredients. There are alternatives to Space Case, but don't purchase a grinder until you have actually held and looked at a Space Case. Make sure it can perform the same tasks and it has weight and sharp blades needed to get that perfect cut that saves you money because you purchase less weight each time. Since you will now get use to storing your tobacco in the grinder you may find value in the same company's storage case which is air tight and won't leak smell.

    Back to the Czech Tool. The spoon should be used to scoop the tobacco from the grinder and into the bowl where there has already been a pebble placed. The tobacco should never touch your fingers from the time you receive it until it is smoked. Remember that the oils in your skin will effect the potency and aesthetics. Chop sticks should be used whenever handling. Hermetically sealed clear class mason jars from Container Store are perfect for storing before grinding...

    What can you all share?

    Much thanks!

  2. how about how to spell "connoisseur"?

  3. HAHA ROFL. spell check master. +rep
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    damn it. that was the only reason i came to this thread

    edit- im calling copy and paste on this one, why else would he refer to it as "tobacco" ?
  5. You are fast my friend... beat me to the punch

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