Stuff: do you say it personally or impersonally?

Discussion in 'General' started by bkadoctaj, Aug 9, 2008.

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    When I say stuff (on the forums for example), I realize that I say it very personally. I've seen many people saying not to take what they say personally, or complaining about how many people have little disclaimers for false statements, and it got me thinking about how I mean stuff. What's the point, I feel, of telling someone not to take something a certain way? Why can't it just be said and meant in all ways? [Why are we so defensive?] Anyway, short story even shorter, I mean everything I say personally, and I still end up not disrespecting too many people because I have a bigger picture in mind. Yes, if I disagree with your assumptions, I will call you out. Doesn't mean I'm even suggesting you're this-or-that-type of person.

    How about the rest of you: do you say things and mean them personally, or impersonally?
  2. When someone says don't take something they said personally, that means one of two things. Either they're trolling or don't feel like arguing right now.
  3. how long you been around these forums? lol

  4. I think that applies to both life and internet forums.
  5. ZING!
  6. Being honest and being able to speak your mind are great. However most of the time I don't get very personal unless I'm being pushed. Just not the way I am. But if I have something against somebody for some (good) reason I am very capable of getting personal.

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