Studys Show That Driving With A Bong is Safer?

Discussion in 'General' started by ROCHESTER-420, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Studies show that you'll probably be fucked up if you wreck while hitting a bong like that
  2. Why don't you just drive safe in the first place?
  3. Hahahaha safer? The only time i drive with a bong is when i go to park in my buddies neighborhood. I've tested a hypotherical situation of smoking a bong while driving and no matter how i tried it, it didn't work properly. simply cant pull out a downstem and make sure the bong is clear while your driving lol.

    You COULD do it at a stop light but its just idiotic to hold a bong up to your mouth at a stop light with other cars. And if you hold it down it looks like your giving yourself a blowjob at the light, besides people know wtf your doing lol.

    Honestly i think joints are the best because you can hit it and keep looking straight, and it looks like a cig to anyone thats outside your car. a cop isn't gonna pull you over if he thinks your smoking a cig, if he sees you hitting a bong he may just hit those flashers. Hell he'd probably get a boner, cops dream dude.
  4. Obviously in the picture he is parked infront of a house. I wouldnt hit a bong while driving, though i have before, i guess its safe if someone lights and removes the bowl for you. But if you gotta smoke and drive, have something rolled up.
  5. Put 100 ki of cocaine in your car, guaranteed you'll be driving like my grandmother.

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