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Studying while stoned

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Striker, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. So do you guys think it's possible to study for exams for college and still be stoned? or does it never really work out that way? What're your guy's experiences? :smoking:
  2. I geek out too much to study while stoned. I can't focus at all so I avoid smoking while studying. I could probably study on acid though.
  3. It worked in How High.
  4. Haha this is true! :p
  5. Rule for studying stoned: if you study stoned you better take the test stoned
  6. haha when i do that i always do decent on the test but i can never remember any of the questions on it later
  7. Studying high doesn't work for everybody, I know some people who can't do it to save their lives. On the other hand I burn and learn and got a 3.4 GPA at a university last semester. Studying high I feel like everything is way more interesting and I just get into it haha.
  8. Hmm that's interesting.. i'm glad to know it can at least be done :p
  9. well my highschool english teacher once told me that if you study high and take the test high you will get a high grade
    i still have to test it thought
  10. when im high and studying or really trying to focus i have to read everything like 8times lol. so it's a no go for me.
  11. Only way i passed grade 10 math a few years back lol
  12. Anyone ever take their driver's ED test stoned? hahaha that'd be awesome. :smoking:
  13. Study high worked great for me because i'd remember everything that was said some things i remembered by accident lol but the second i had to take a test it all flooded back. Then again i never have to study for anything :p

    O and to striker^^^
    I did take my driver test high i went to driver's ed high every damn day.

  14. Haha that's awesome. wish i woulda gone to more classes stoned in high school
  15. yeah me too i wish i could do that it feels different in college
  16. I've only gotten completely baked to study once, and it made me avoid the work haha. It took me a little while to find that once I have taken a hit or two, i get to a nice elevated feeling going and it helps me concentrate.
  17. I've noticed that when i smoke a small amount, it seems to help me focus on what's being taught, read, heard, etc.
  18. I did for my history exam last term, I passed. its not really effective tho, its better to be sober whilst studying. Then after you rock the exam, then you can get baked :smoking:
  19. I used to do it all the time, but only certain subjects. Like doing math high is just an all around fun time! On the other hand, when I try and read shit I tend not to remember it so well and have to re-read it haha like some people said.

    However, I also find different bud affects my studying habits. Smoke a heavy indica and there's no way I'm getting shit done. Sativa is the complete opposite.

    You gotta try it yourself though and see, studying high doesn't work for everyone!
  20. I wanna go to class stoned on 4/20. I just have to hide it from my professor because it's on a Tuesday this year. And my first class of the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays only has 20 people in it...

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