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Studying/Reading while high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LiL BiG KiD, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. I love to study philosophy and psychology, or just think about the human condition when I'm high, but sadly I barely got a chance to before I had to (temporarily) cease my cannabis use. I studied for history once while I was baked and the shit was a helluva lot more interesting than when I was sober. Anyone else like to study or read books when they toke?
  2. I find reading and studying after smoking one bowl really nice. My reading comprehension is horrible when im too high.
  3. Man, im attending university and am expecting to major in psychology and minor in philosophy. I love it when im stoned and learnin:hello:
  4. i like to read books while im high, then i forget what i was just reading.. (adhd)
  5. reading's nice but hard to remember when you're sober and vice versa.. it's been proven by medical studies. but fuck that just get high IMO lmfao
  6. I too love exploring the innermost depths of my mind whilst being blazed. Click my sig, if you're really interested in philosophy and spirituality then it'll be right up your alley.
  7. being blazed I couldn't concentrate. But when I'm chill as fuck and coming down I like to read and study about deep things like what you said. About space, physics, psychology, sociology, etc.
  8. I can't study at all while I'm high. However, I write better and way way faster when I'm high. This past semester I smoked a bowl or two and sat down and wrote a 12 page psychology term paper in one night and got an A :hello:. Doubt I could've done it sober.

    Both psych and phil are pretty interesting and cool (and in psychs case pretty easy) things to study in college, you'll have fun!
  9. Yup i like reading whilst baked.
  10. I did pretty well in college- made the Dean's List and the President's List more than once.

    For me the winning formula was to...

    1- Skim through the chapter straight- Headings- 1st and final sentences in a section- any sentence with something bold or italicized. Look at the pictures if any and read the captions. Read all of the summary or last section. Standard operational procedure..... :cool:

    2 - :smoking:

    3 - Read the chapter and take notes! You will notice new connections among the facts that you WILL forget if not written down! So write it all down!

    4- Reread the chapter straight with your notes. Some will be "trash", but others :eek: and you have your "A" paper!

    I wrote most of my papers stoned and corrected them straight. They loved my "novel takes on the tired old subjects". (quote from a creative writing teacher)

    However, stoned math is a disaster for me! :( But I have known a few dudes who managed it well!

    Granny :wave:
  11. dude i have the same problem with adhd. my parents think im bs but i know for sure i have adhd because of my 19 years of living with adhd.. whenever i read a book i randomly start to daydream and just sit there thinking weird stuff that are completely off topic. but after a while i relize im daydreaming and start reading and the whole process repeats...
  12. Read books. It's good for ya. :wave:
  13. I love a good book when I'm high. I sometimes forget what I'm reading though.
  14. I like reading poetry high. Packs plenty to think about but doesn't require the same attention span as a novel.

  15. stoned math is my shit hahaha. My final math grade this year was A- for honors never sober in a class.(first period math)
  16. I used to study high all the time, but I don't really do it anymore. I managed to do quite well, straight As in a college prep school, and that entire year I studied for all of my tests high. It always made the subject much more interesting, and studying much more tolerable since I did lots of it.

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