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Discussion in 'General' started by POWskier, Feb 11, 2014.

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  1. Today I took some adderall because I have some bad add. Well anyways I took 20mg and got feeling all weird. It felt good to think through my math problems but when I wanted to take a break I was restless. My hands tremmored as I loaded the bowl. I really needed to mellow out a bit. Then I took a big bong rip and I felt stoned with the adderall vibe of trying to get shit done. I smoked an eighth of weed today, read 124 pages and completed 156 problems ( All the homework that has been assigned thus far)
    Then I completed 3 of my calculus homework assignments. Maybe I need to do this before tests. My friend always smokes a personal blunt before every math exam. He comes in reeking and passes with a 96% on every test.

  2. Haha, I tend to get blazed so I have the motivation to do paperwork. Throw on some tunes and take it down.

  3. It works for some people bro. I write a lot of my music stoned and it really does add a third dimension. Maths and weed seem to be an okay combination for me, but something like history, where facts need to be remembered correctly and implemented appropriately in the essay, I'll do that sober. 
    Oh you know it. I would mow lawns for my neighbors when I was 16 and I would get so stupidly stoned and do my job listening to nas and tupac getting in that zone. Many times I was not paid because they claimed I was stoned and were worried that I would buy weed with their money.
    I still keep getting blazed and I still keep mowing my neighbors lawns. 
  5. I hate adderal. I hate the money the pharmaceutical companies make off it, and I hate how artificial and bad for your liver it is. Just smoke a strong sativa.
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    I only take adderall if I need to get a crazy amount of stuff done. Sativas are not the same, although sometimes I have noticed I will get stoned and it will have a focusing effect on me. However the adderall gets me to power through stuff mad quick since I am high on amphetamines, and my smoking mellows out the whack effects of adderall. 
    Alone adderall sucks, but when used with cannabis it works really well  for me.
  7. I can't do school work high,,,, lol

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    haha I used to get stoned and think, fuck it I'm stoned I can do important stuff later. Thats such a bad mindset especially when I shoud be working. But It wasn't long until I started smoking and studying. Tolerance and somewhat of moderation is key when needing to do school work. Everyone of my roommates smokes so we smoke so much more than we would  alone. Its like our smoking habits feed of each-others habit which is interesting.  
    We have all tried to take T-breaks and none of us have made it passed a day. My room mate said he was going to quit for good. A day later I walk in and there is a new 2ft bong and volcano in his room. Haha can't even make it a day. 
    I agree, but I NEED it in order to stay productive, or even just mentally present. I CANNOT function without it. 
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    um... fuck it
  11. Definitely dude I took my Bio test blazed last Friday breezed through the 50 questions in about 15 minutes and only missed 3
  12. you study high?
  13. Whenever im writing spreadsheets for ordering large like 30grand orders of stuff.. Ill get stoned with my roommate and write em up..
    Then i have to wake up and spend the next day basically cosmetically tweaking the spreadsheet cause it looks all crazy from stoned me lol
    For some reason im actually good at doing numbers when stoned but im still much better at them sober.
  14. A teacher once told me if you study high you should also take the test high.

    Something about when your sober you remember sober memories when your high you remember high stuff?
  15. Lol if by study you mean look over the notes a few minutes before the test then the answer is yes
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